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Natural and Organic Products for Combination Skin

When the skin is unbalanced, with both dry and oily patches then it can be identified as combination. Most people experience this concern at some point. It is normally the forehead, nose and chin that are oilier, with the cheeks being drier.

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People with combination skin may be prone to hormonal outbreaks. In order to treat combination skin is it important not to use products that are designed to strip the skin of oil. By doing this you are going to leave the skin feeling dry, which increases the skins sebum production, in turn leaving the skin oilier again – a vicious circle! Instead, switch to a gentle cleanser that will remove daily dirt without upsetting the skin's sebum content. Always tone the skin with a non astringent toner, as this will help to level out the PH balance. Choose a moisturiser that is designed to balance the skin, as well as reducing shine. A weekly clay mask will also help to minimise the pore size, leaving you with a clearer complexion.

Combination Skin
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