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My name is Jane and I am the Content Editor here at LoveLula... Learn more about Jane's Favourites

As the most ‘mature’ member of the team I am the willing recipient of any new anti-ageing product that arrives in the office! I do take a very positive and holistic approach to ageing, staying fit and eating well, but am happy to try any cream, gel or lotion that might help!

Since joining LoveLula I have certainly noticed the benefit of changing my routine to natural and organic products. They feel kinder to my face and are so thoughtfully and expertly crafted that every single one feels like a treat.

When I meet the people behind the brands I am always so impressed with their passion and knowledge. I’m also convinced that changing to chemical-free make-up (which I wear every day) has made a big difference. My skin used to feel dull and sensitised and despite being ‘well over’ 40 I still suffered from spots around my nose and redness my cheeks. Natural and organic products have changed that.

My hair has improved too, both in condition and shine. My absolute hero is John Masters and I find his gorgeous shampoo for normal hair suits my fine, coloured hair and gives it amazing bounce. I also use one of his Intensive Conditioners as a hair mask once a week.

Pai is my other hero-brand. Designed especially for sensitive skin, I love all the daily moisturisers and find them incredibly soothing.

I have recently discovered a new Spanish brand in our Boutique called Vinali. They harness the properties of grape stem Resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and I must say it seems to be working wonders in soothing my skin and making me look fresher. It smells wonderful too.

My makeup bag must-have is the new Une Serum Foundation which is light enough to wear all day and gives invisible coverage, It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is the latest anti-ageing staple and is finding its way into lots of our products.

My latest and most amazing find is RMS Beauty's life-saving Un-Cover-up - literally I don't know I lived without this! Unlike other concealers it seems to melt into my skin and stays put all day. My perfect shade is 22 and on a good day I can wear no foundation at all. It hides blemishes and discolouration and lightens under-eye shadows. Truly miraculous!

There is no anti-ageing ‘remedy’ – it’s a natural process after all. But being kind to yourself and your skin and having a clear conscience have made a visible difference to me.

Jane x

Jane's Favourites
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