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Bloggers Recommend - Nicola & Moira

We are a mother and daughter team living in the South East of England. Following the birth of my daughter in 2017 I developed an auto immune disease, Postpartum Thyroiditis. Determined to help myself recover and get back to feeling well and healthy, I learnt that the chemicals we put on our body can build up in our system causing a whole host of problems including impacting the thyroid. This is when my research into natural, chemical free products began. I have tried and tested many products; stumbling upon many gems but also coming across some natural products which I found didn’t work for me! I think my biggest blunder was one or two natural deodorants I tried which kept my friends and family well and truly at arm’s length!

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Having found many fantastic natural products, I shared them with my mum, who was very quickly converted to the benefits of natural ingredients. With her sensitive skin, she welcomed the gentle nature of the lotions and potions I was introducing her to. We both love finding and using products which are truly good for the body and don’t burden it with unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

Many, many products and another baby later, we have decided to share the wonderful natural products we have found and therefore, have started this blog!

One of the huge benefits of converting to using natural products is that I know the products we are using are not going to harm my children or build up in their systems.

We continue to search for new natural products which we will review and share with you.

We hope you enjoy the products as much as we do!

Nicola and Moira x

Nicola & Moira
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