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Bloggers Recommend - Louise Williamson

Hi! My name is Louise Williamson, Lou for short. I run The Beauty Bank which is an online blog into natural & organic, clean skincare & makeup.

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I’m a busy mum of two who has become alarmingly aware that our conventional skincare & makeup has some shocking ingredients that are actually detrimental to our skin & overall health. Want to learn more? Join me on a journey of discovery as we venture into the wonders natural skincare & makeup as to offer. Trust me, you wont be disappointed!

With a wellness & self care focus we'll look in depth at the beauties we come across, look at how health, diet & how focussing on focus on self care & wellness can open the doors to a happier, healthier more vibrant you that's simply beautiful inside & out! It’s an exciting time to join the green beauty journey! So join me on an honest & genuine blog giving the best advice Xx

Louise Williamson
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