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Embrace the essence of nature with Zuii Organic's invigorating, moisture-rich and Vegan Self-Tanning & Skin Care range. All products are Australian made, Cosmos Certified Organic and not tested on animals. They perform to a professional standard, giving you smooth, healthy and bronzed skin with all natural ingredients.

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Zuii Organic has embraced the essence of nature to create an innovative range of Certified Organic and Vegan Self Tan and Skin Care products. The range incorporates functional actives, minerals and plant extracts into each product to sooth, hydrate and improve the health of the skin.

The range include self tan foams, lotions and oils, mitts, body care products, and cosmetic powders made from a base of real flowers. Together, they provide a natural-looking, healthy tan, silky smooth skin and a glowing complexion.

Certified Organic Bamboo Juice is one of the range's signature ingredients, chosen primarily for its sustainability and environmental promise. Bamboo is the fastest growing and strongest botanical resource on the planet. The invigorating, moisture-rich product range was made by combining Bamboo with nutrient and vitamin enriched plant-based ingredients such as Lichen, Moss and Fern.

Zuii's mission when developing the range was to ensure all the ingredients were the most natural, sustainable and Organic available.

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