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ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Reviews

We love ZOJO Beauty Elixirs. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs products.

This is truly a healthy hot chocolate to a whole new level! Indulgent, rich and bitter, you may need to add a little sweetener but the health benefits are certainly worth it.

Review of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Magic Cocoa 150g

The ZOJO supergreens formula contains a unique mix of powerful superfoods to support the immune and digestive systems. The green plants detox and cleanse to maintain the balance of the good flora bacteria in your gut that are responsible and important for your health and weight. The supergreens formula is also a natural method to eliminate heavy metals from the body that can be caused by exposure through water, food, and industrial chemicals just to name a few. Following a diet can also leave your body without the important factors it needs to function, the super greens formula contains amino-acids which are the building blocks of protein and muscle tissue. Mixes easily in any drink and does not taste horrible. A great supplement powder to take daily.

Review of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs The SUPERGREENS Formula 35g

A tasty beauty supplement for those who want to improve their hair, skin and nails, but don't like swallowing pills/capsules. You just mix the powder in your morning juice or smoothie - tastes great!

Review of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs The BEAUTY PAGEANT Formula 35g

The ZOJO sexy formula contains natural aphrodisiacs for improvement in circulation, raising the libido and increasing sexual energy for men and women. No matter how healthy your are, stress can play a part in diminishing your sex drive, but wisely used for centuries the known ingredient's boost the libido naturally without any unwanted side-effects. The beneficial adaptogens in the formula can boost your mood and energy levels, whilst the organic revitalising ingredient's balance hormones and support the reproductive systems in men and women. Mixes easily in any drink and does not taste horrible, a superb and easy supplement to take.

Review of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs The SEXY Formula 35g

If you're looking for a high quality organic supergreen supplement, this is it! No nasties or cheap filler ingredients, and it doesn't taste bad when mixed in a green juice or smoothie.

Review of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs The SUPERGREENS Formula 35g