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You & Oil

You & Oil offers you the chance to take care of your skin and health using products that feel close to your body, without forcing it to change its essence.

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The skin is alive - You and Oil

I am your skin. I depend on you. Whatever you do, I witness. I store all the information about you. Once in a while I need to remind you to feed me! Nourish me with food just for me.

Ecological blends of vegetable oils, essential oils and plant extracts are at the core of “You & Oil” products. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, active substances capable of penetrating deeper layers of the skin and necessary for the synthesis of epidermal lipids and phospholipids of membranes, these compositions regulate vital processes of the skin and let it keep its humidity, thus slowing the aging down. A drop of essential oils contains a strong concentration of active substances gathered by the plant, which then work their way into the deepest layers. That’s why ecological plant & essential oil blends are the best kind of food for your skin.

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