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Yes Reviews

We love Yes . Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Yes products.

Will keep repurchasing this, really nice subtle fragrance and does it's job well. Does not irritate the area at all. Very satisfied with it at the end of the day after sitting down wearing trousers. Need i say more.

Review of Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash Rose 150ml

I like its soft, gentle cleansing and its smell. The skin is moist and feels fresh.

Review of Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash Rose 150ml

All ladies probably sometimes feel a need to wash their bits a bit more thoroughly. I don't use this daily, but when I feel the need to use it, it feels very soothing and gentle and makes me feel refreshed. For occasional use, it's also really good value for money, as one bottle goes a long way.

Review of Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash Unfragranced 150ml

I've just re-read the blurb and have to smile 😀 If you need a lubricant, which I did for various reasons including advancing years, this works really well... and the blurb is correct!!! Don't be shy to buy; the smaller version to start off with I would say.

Review of Yes Oil Based Personal Lubricant 80ml