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Woobamboo Reviews

We love Woobamboo. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Woobamboo products.

It's great to see these plastic-free alternatives offered on LoveLula - an easy sustainable swap!

Review of Woobamboo Adult Medium Toothbrush

I was looking for a plastic-free alternative to the interdental brushes that I use everyday and these are perfect. A good mix of sizes and work just as well as the big brands.

Review of Woobamboo Assorted Interdental Brush Picks (12 pack)

I finished already one tube of this toothpaste and it really does clean very good without foaming up like crazy! I wish they had an unsweetened version with fluoride. My full review -

Review of Woobamboo Vanilla Mint Fluoride Free Vegan Toothpaste

I wish these brushes were even softer but I love the fact they are recyclable. Full review -

Review of Woobamboo Adult Super Soft Toothbrush