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Holistic Beauty
Award-winning, eco-friendly,

ethical products created

in harmony with nature and your body


All Weleda’s products are made from pure natural substances; artificial preservatives are never used. Learn more about Weleda

Weleda natural and organic cosmetic products are based on natural ingredients. The formulations and their main plant ingredients, such as iris, wild rose or pomegranate, have a holistic effect and are tailored to the body’s specific needs.

Weleda only use selected raw materials in the production of their care products, which are sourced from biodynamic cultivation or certified wild sources wherever possible. Where they are unable to source the ingredients from their own Weleda gardens, they work with selected suppliers – and in most cases, these are long term collaborations. Weleda carefully monitor every step in production, from cultivation through to harvesting and processing. This ensures that you can have peace of mind when applying products grown in their gardens or under their supervision to your skin. And to your family’s skin.

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