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VOL by VisOlivae Reviews

We love VOL by VisOlivae. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of VOL by VisOlivae products.

My first experience in dry hair conditioner. Initially, it all started with shampoo, another brand, but alas, they did not have conditioners. Then there were a lot of other brands on this site that could offer dry air conditioning. I typed everything to try to start with this brand. very economical consumption. don't expect to lather or lather, there is a slight lather when you start rinsing your hair. Does not weigh down the hair, moisturizes well, the hair after it shines. Dandruff did not cause and this is also a huge plus. Very happy. I'll get more as soon as it's over. But before that, I'll try other brands that I bought out of joy when the choice of dry air conditioners appeared. There are also new ones that should be tried, but all in order.

Review of VOL Hair Care Gems Solid Conditioner Bar 65g

I tried several solid conditioners and I was not impressed (but I find it hard to find a good conditioner also in liquid form). I had a good feeling about this one reading the ingredient list (BTMS seems to be the more expensive, but more efficient conditioner ingredient, compared to other natural actives ingredients). And I was right, it does work for my difficult hair (fine, dry, colored). It is also very economical. I find it so much easier to use solid conditioners then the classical ones, they rinse out much faster.

Review of VOL Hair Care Gems Solid Conditioner Bar 65g

After trying a few shampoo bars I finally found the perfect one! This one makes a perfect quantity of foam to wash your hair and leave the hair smooth. And it lasts for ever.

Review of VOL Hair Care Gems Silk & Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar 55g

The soap is just wonderful! His hair is soft and shiny. Washes hair very gently, you can do it without conditioner. The foam is very thick. The soap itself lasts a very long time, especially if you do not try to lather your hair very much, as it is very concentrated, and I just need to spend a few times on the hair (on the temples, back of the head and in the middle). Initially, I washed twice, but then I got used to it and one is enough for me. Tried another shampoo, too, this brand and also delighted, too thick foam is very economical and hair wow effect. I'll write about the air conditioner under its page. If someone does not want to use air conditioning, I advise you to speed up a couple of times to rinse your hair with vinegar. But without this procedure, I switched to just shampoos. Giving up plastic cans was a small contribution to the protection of nature for me. I started with a different brand, also bought on this site.

Review of VOL Olive & Laurel Hair Soap Bar 90g

These shampoo bars by VOL really do last for ages. I wash my hair every day and find this little bar lathers up really nicely and my hair feels silky shiny and tangle free. Good that they come in a cardboard box with no other wrapping. I would very much recommend.

Review of VOL Hair Care Gems Spirulina & White Clay Shampoo Bar 55g