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VOL by VisOlivae

Vis Olivae introduces you to VOL, a collection of body and hair care products created for those who recognize the importance of safe cosmetics. VOL products are in harmony with nature and the human being.
Vol products contain ingredients that are wherever possible natural, organic or time-honored for safety and effectiveness and those with minimal chemical intervention. Our formulas are designed using a wide range of essential oils and herbal preparations to meet specific skin and hair type demands.

VOL products contain, no parabens, no palm oil, no sodium sulphate (SLS), no sodium Laureth sulphate (SLES), Triclosan and others. Products are cruelty- free and produced in an eco- friendly manner.

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Vis Olivae is a cosmetics company situated in the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese of Greece. The company was founded by Dr. Anastasios Poulopoulos in 2014. Due to his expertise as a medical professional, the doctor was aware that many body care products contain toxic or potentially toxic ingredients and that the skin, being the largest body organ, absorbs almost everything you put on it. He began to look for solutions on how he could personally protect his family, his children, his grandchildren, and his patients.
Dr. Poulopoulos grew up in a traditional agricultural family who, as any other such family at that time, had their fields with olive trees here producing their own olive oil. Soap making was a tradition in his family and his birthplace the traditional Greek soap was the product that family members used to bath, from the young newborn to the aged members of the family. This was the sole cleansing instrument they had at first hand, well before synthetic cleansing products flooded the market. This product was also used to wash clothes, utensils and general household use. With these childhood memories, he continued to manufacture this traditional product for his loved ones.
Knowing the benefits of olive oil, such as besides being a rich antioxidant, a strong moisturiser with hydrating and anti- ageing properties was a great remedy for sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, he offered one of his soap bars to a family friend Ms. Athanasia Roka, whose young daughter suffered chronic eczema and was struggling to control raging flareups.

Athanasia was amazed at the results she observed by using this natural product, she was motivated to develop the skill of manufacturing such products. Athanasia was so enthusiastic, she followed many seminars for soap making, manufacturing natural cosmetics, she abandoned her job as a radiology technician and as a team worked with Dr. Anastasios, initially manufacturing the traditional olive oil soap, then with a touch of modern technology they made variations based on the traditional formula. Products were offered to family and friends, they inspired other members who also joined the Vis Olivae was born.

The environment also has an enormous impact on our health and wellbeing, the products had to be safe for the environment. The products manufactured had to be of the highest quality, eco-friendly, safe,bio–degradable (including the packaging), suitable for the whole family, value for money, while looking good in the bathroom.

The first range VOL soaps was created, a range of natural and organic soap bars, whose major ingredient is premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Based on the traditional soap recipe, they added other ingredients such as essential oils, herbal preparations and often a blend of other quality oils, always aiming at manufacturing products of the highest quality.
VOL solid shampoo gems follow the soap range. we use ingredients that cleanse the hair in combination with essential oil blends which stimulate hair growth, treat the scalp, promote stronger hair as well as add more shine to the hair,softening it, making it smoother and more manageable.
Other products VisOlivae manufactures include: olive oil shower gels, hand and body lotion, body scrubs, bath bombs, and constantly 'new' products are being created.

We hope that our products provide intense pleasure and an excellent sense of well - being and energy.
Our products are based on knowledge, tradition, quality and respect to the consumer, and we hope that our brand will be recognised as one of excellence and


VOL by VisOlivae
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