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VOL by VisOlivae

VOL is the brand name for the handcrafted all-natural bar soap from premium quality extra virgin olive oil PDO KALAMATA, by Vis Olivae, Greece.
Extra virgin olive oil, with its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties makes VOL soap extremely caring and ideal for the face, hands and body.
The presented products are all natural, BDiH certified, conforming to COSMOS NATURAL AND ORGANIC STANDARDS, and are observing GMP for natural and organic products as set by national (Greek) and international (EU) regulatory bodies. They are produced in small batches with minimal waste and are eco-friendly.

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BDIH certification provides transparency for the consumer, guidelines include:
• Raw materials obtained from plants As far as possible, raw materials obtained from plants should be used from: - controlled biological cultivation, taking quality and availability into account, or - controlled biological wild collections
• Animal Protection - No animal testing may be performed or commissioned when end products are manufactured, developed or tested.
• Substances from the following groups are not allowed to be used: Organic-synthetic dyes, Synthetic fragrances, Ethoxylated raw materials,Silicones,Paraffin and other petroleum derived products.
• Environmentally-friendly production methods, renewable and biodegradable materials and minimal use of packaging.

VOL is a cosmetics brand created in the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese in Greece. Besides the city’s natural beauty with the indented shores and forested mountains, here, the fertile valleys are full with olive trees that produce the worldwide renown cold pressed Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil whose properties make it superior to the refined varieties of olive oil and other fats or oils.
The traditional character of our soap is determined by the use of traditionally and time-honored materials, as time, experience and scientific tests have proven to be safe and effective for cleaning, nutrition and care of the skin.
We take care of each bar of our soap as a unique creation, as the only bar of soap in the world. For us, the quality, the esthetic as well as the cosmetic value of our products and their acquaintance with the global consumer is a serious challenge and at the same time a great pleasure.
The fundamental difference with competition is that we use the purest and highest quality extra virgin olive oil in the region of Messinia without considering the additional production costs. 
For aesthetic integration and intensification of pleasure and ritual of a hot bath, but also for their special contribution to body care, we use additional natural products, of equally high quality. We prefer those produced of our region, which we add to our soap, giving it a unique character, color and lust.
We use honey, beeswax, goat's milk, oats, fleur de sel from Mani and more. We use herbs from the unique flora of Taygetos, such as sage, mountain tea, St John's wort and top quality fresh juices from Messinian fruits like orange, lemon, tangerine, pomegranate and grapes.
Natural colors and essential oils are added to the artistic series of our soap. We use the best of such materials, hypoallergenic and approved by the relevant agencies of the countries produced. We prefer, even here, Greek products, for consistency with the origin of basic raw material, which is olive oil.
We chose the cold saponification method for a series of important reasons :
The soap does not lose its natural glycerin which incorporates in the soap mass and offers its moisturizing and emollient action to the skin during the bath. Therefore it does not need additional industrial glycerin, keeping in this way the maximum quality, while remaining traditional and handmade.

 Cold process saponification requires minimal amount of energy and water, and this is consistent with our desire to burden to the minimum the natural resources and the environment.
The method has no solid or liquid waste. The minimum water used for washing utensils and traces of soap contained do not contaminate the aquifer, biodegrade in a short time and have no toxic residues.
Our selection of soaps contains free Olive Oil at a rate of 7-10%, which accentuates its moisturizing, emollient, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in body care and ensures product safety and efficiency.
So enjoy your bath with VOL soap!
The experience is unique!
You will never ask for another soap, except if it is also VOL!

VOL by VisOlivae
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