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Vinali products combine the properties of grape to other carefully selected powerful natural ingredients.

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In the beginning...

The founders set up wineries in Spain and already in 1985, started planting organic wines. Within their laboratory, they conducted pioneering research into the antioxidant properties of wine.
In 2003, Marie-Sixtine de Coral joined the family, bringing her knowledge and experience of the cosmetics sector as well as reinforcing the importance of ecological awareness in the industry.
In 2009, Vinali Cosmetica, the first organic Spanish range of Vino-Cosmetics, was born.

The amazing properties of grape stem from Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory qualities.

In Vinali's formula, water is replaced with grape water, rich in Resveratrol, allowing users to benefit from its unique properties.

All the products are phenoxyethanol-free, paraben-free, colour agent-free, PEG-free, OGM-free, petrochemical derivative-free, not tested on animals and have a recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging.

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