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The Rose Tree Reviews

We love The Rose Tree. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of The Rose Tree products.

I took the plunge and ordered this and I'm so pleased I did. I like using oils and have done for a while' and this is perfect for my 50 something skin. It's not in bad shape, but this is really nourishing, smells wonderful and absorbs really well with no oiliness. I can even use it in the morning, which I would never normally do with an oil. If you like facial oils try it... You won't be disappointed!

Review of The Rose Tree, Deep Nourish Facial Essence with Rose & Blackcurrant 30ml

What a wonderful product! Smells absolutely yummy! I've been applying in the morning and before bed; my lips feel smooth and hydrated - not dry and tight..... Another winner from The Rose Tree.

Review of The Rose Tree Tahiti Cocoa Lip Butter 6g

I actually ordered this as part of a present but ended up keeping for myself......have been using for around a month and have noticed a difference in the appearance of the lines under my eyes; they do seem less pronounced - I am really pleased.
Thank you!!

Review of The Rose Tree Rejuvenating Eye Serum with Rose & Starflower 15ml

Smells quite delicious!! Marshmallow AND frangipani.... What's not to like?!
Seriously, have been using for around a month on my forehead and cheek/around mouth area and have noticed my fine lines are less visible, my skin feel really hydrated too; very pleased.

Review of The Rose Tree Rejuvenating Eye Serum with Rose & Starflower 15ml

This cleansing butter is exactly what I've been looking for. Cleans my face leaving it soft, bright and hydrated, and removes eye makeup with ease as well. I massage it into my face, use a tiny amount to loosen eye make up, then use a muslin on my face and damp cotton pads on my eyes to remove it. It ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned, and I would highly recommend it.

Review of The Rose Tree Carrot & Mango Organic Cleansing Butter 50g