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The Handmade Soap Company Reviews

We love The Handmade Soap Company. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of The Handmade Soap Company products.

After shaving before going out and on weekend. Great texture and matte silky smooth and soothe result. Well the smell ... kicked me a little... must get used to. But if you let it come and wait a while... the sweet orange comes out good and hugs you very warm - any skintype.

Review of The Handmade Soap Company, Soothing Facial Aftershave Lotion (100ml)

There are better but it is upper end for me. Smells well... green... male... and leaves my uncomplicated bodyskin silky and not in the need of getting extra moisturized. In the morning a good start up ore before going out. Any skintype.

Review of The Handmade Soap Co, Men's Basil, Lime & Sweet Orange Hair & Body Wash (300ml)

wasn't for me, so nothing to say about the product - but good service from Love Lula

Review of The Handmade Soap Company, Lavender Rosemary Thyme & Mint Shower Gel (300ml)