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TEATOX Reviews

We love TEATOX. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of TEATOX products.

This is a great quality blend of a lot of different herbs that makes a delicious herbal tea. I like to have one daily. I would recommend this product, you don't have to be on a detox to drink this tea, although it does contain herbs that would support cleansing if you are detoxing. Also it comes in a handy tin canister which is useful for keeping the loose mix of herbs dry inside and tidy, so they don't spill everywhere when used.

Review of TEATOX Skinny Detox Good Morning 60g

I use this as my first drink in a morning, it is extremely refreshing and wakes up my body and mind. The flavour is not to overpowering, easy to make.

Review of TEATOX Natural Defense 70g

Absolutely love this! I use it every day at work - keeps my tea nice and hot for much longer than a cup, never gets too hot to touch on the outside and as an added bonus it looks fantastic. The perfect al desko drinking accessory!

Review of TEATOX Thermo-Go-Bottle 330ml

There is absolutely no bright green or even ring in the bottom of the bowl. I don't know what they took a photo of, but I doubt it's remotely close to what you're actually going to get. The Chawan was a big buying point for me, and it's actually this flat periwinkle blue which is hideous and lifeless. I'm pretty peeved since I ordered international and it's expensive for me to return it, but seriously complete misrepresentation. Be aware when you buy.

Review of TEATOX Matcha Ceremony Set