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TanOrganic Reviews

We love TanOrganic. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of TanOrganic products.

Absolutely love this product. I'm very pale and have tried many self tans that make me look orange. This is easy to apply and gives a really nice natural glow. I've had many compliments on how well I look. I have felt a lot more confident in exposing skin this summer!

Review of TanOrganic Self-Tan Oil 100ml

So happy with this tanning oil. I have red hair and pale skin and this product gives me such great colour that's not too orange or dark. So easy to apply and am genuinely excited to get my legs out!

Review of TanOrganic Self-Tan Oil 100ml

Being Celtic coloured even the lightest fake tan makes me look, well, fake. This gentle glow is just right, really natural.

Review of TanOrganic Self-Tan Oil 100ml