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We love TABITHA JAMES KRAAN. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of TABITHA JAMES KRAAN products.

I love this cleanser, it cleans your hair without making it feel dry or striped, just leaves it nice and soft. I have two problems though: one is the price, which I could probably live with if it wasn't for, two, the conditioner, which isn't a good match for the cleanser for me.

Review of Tabitha James Kraan Travel Size Organic Hair Cleanser Amber Rose 60ml

This really moisturises your hair - I never thought I'd find anything that was too heavy for my unruly hair, but I have to use this a bit sparingly or it weighs my hair down. But for me, the kicker is the scent, it's very strong and spicy. I presume that is the amber, not sure where the rose is, probably drowned out. I don't like the smell, so I have been mixing this with another conditioner to use it up, and I won't repurchase. But try it for yourself, that's the beauty of these smaller sizes.

Review of Tabitha James Kraan Travel size 4-in-1 Organic Conditioner Amber Rose 60ml

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