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British made, multi-award winning, high performance & professional hair care range of the purest, cleanest, most organic hair products possible. The range has been formulated with three main principles in mind; Oil balancing, Correct cleansing and Moisture Layering.

Learn more about TABITHA JAMES KRAAN

Our independent brand is owned and run by Tabitha and Dennes James-Kraan. We work with a carefully chosen team of people who share our passion and drive.

Tabitha has three decades of experience in organic hair care, and in 1993 she established Tabitha James Kraan Hairdressing, an internationally renowned hair salon in the Cotswolds. Since then, she and the business have been pushing the boundaries of organic hair care. Her deep passion for organic and natural living, combined with her expertise in hair care, led to a vision for a range of organic products of her own, that would meet her exacting standards.

Over the last three years, the dream of this product range has gradually taken on reality as Tabitha has worked with her lab, pushing the boundaries of hair alchemy, to create a range of products that is 100% pure, and as organic as is possible.

Our philosophy:
Hair thrives when it is nurtured by nature. By being innovative, creative and caring about our health and our planet we can create excellent performance haircare without compromise.

Our starting point was to discard all traditional thinking, and to concentrate on the basics. We have re-thought how we wash hair, and created preparations that focus on the foundations of healthy hair, offering solutions to most hair problems, many of which are brought about by the use of products that contain high levels of artificial ingredients.

Frequent washing with a detergent based cleanser strips the hair of its natural oil, and the sebum glands in the scalp go into overdrive to try and replace it. The result is the necessity for more frequent washing – a frustrating and destructive self-perpetuating cycle of hair misery.
We have eliminated this issue by replacing chemical cleansers with a very effective ingredient from the inner bark of the Soapbark tree, and by developing a hair oil that delivers a fine layer with every wash to nourish and protect each strand of hair.

At no point in the development of our products have we compromised on indulgence. The range delivers luxury on all levels. Although as part of our green ethos we have kept packaging to a minimum (and fully recyclable), the look is not as you might from a traditional ‘green’ product. The sumptuous containers were inspired by Tabitha’s love of mixing the white, rose, and yellow tones of gold, and they have a hint of vintage.

There has been no compromise when it comes to scent. Amethyst is an indulgent ingredient, included in our hair perfume and oil, which breaks down the oils and liquid ingredients when shaken, releasing all the delicious scents of the products’ natural ingredients.

We demonstrate our green ethos by:
• Sourcing certified organic ingredients
• Choosing sustainable ingredients
• Designing packaging with eco containers
• Choosing recycled and sustainable paper and cardboard
• Being responsible about our carbon footprint

Our brand is, and will always be, made in Britain. We strongly believe in supporting British industry and are proud to be flying the British flag around the world.
Our passion is based on a love for hair, for people, and for the planet. We demonstrate this through our choice of ingredients, going to extreme lengths to create products of purity and quality.

The launch of our organic hair range is just the start. We will expand our range, strive to create more beauty products that make our customers feel good, look great, and that respect our bodies, and the planet.

The range has been a vision for a decade, and has been in development for three years as Tabitha has worked tirelessly with her lab to create the purest, cleanest, most organic hair products available. The range of cleansers, conditioners, dry shampoos, oil and perfume work in harmony with hair and scalp, delivering natural shine and lustre, vibrant colour, and amazing scent. Hair smells amazing, blow dries effectively, and stays looking good for days.

Where we have been unable to source a certified organic ingredient, we use natural ingredients only. We think it’s important to state clearly on our packaging what percentage of the ingredients are organic; something can be labelled ‘organic’ even if only one or two ingredients are certified organic. We prefer to give our customers the full picture. We will continue to strive to increase the organic content of all our products.

The ingredients that are the key players in our revolutionary products include:
• Soapbark – an effective natural cleanser from the inner bark of the Soapbark tree
• Oat milk – softens the hair and helps to heal scalp conditions
• Aloe Vera – a high performance ingredient that effectively provides moisture by penetrating the hair shaft
• Sea Buckthorn – essential proteins, omegas and vitamins in abundance
• Argan oil – the hair care fashionista
• Safflower – the free radical warrior
• Rosehip – delivering instant shine, density and volume
• Essential oils – rose, neroli, bergamot and lemon
• White tea and nettle – enhancing colour and texture
• Lavendar – soothing to the scalp
• Chestnut powder – cleansing powers
• Amethyst stone – mind-calming properties

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