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The SOiL product range brings vitality, energy and a sense of well-being to life. SOiL was built on the love of farming and nature. From farm to shelf, the commitment to quality, integrity and fair trading means that SOiL products are not only conscientious but effective too, delivering results that you can really experience

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SOiL is a family managed organic essential oil farming operation in Zululand, who have been growing and distilling aromatic plants for their precious oils since 2001. The manufacturing, packaging and distribution of all SOiL products is managed directly from their farm, thereby encouraging local economic growth, creating employment and utilising local, renewable resources.

SOiL were the first company in South Africa to sell a complete range of 100% certified organic (BCS) essential oils, many of which they grew themselves. They also launched South Africa’s first line of certified organic massage oil blends and skin care products. They continue to grow their farm, brand and range with the aim of expanding their products both locally and globally.

SOiL’s family farm, Groenkop (translated into English this means ‘Green Hill’) is situated in the heart of Zululand overlooking the eMakhoseni Valley, the sacred burial place of Zulu kings. The farm’s isolation from industrial centres means it has some of the cleanest air and water in South Africa, enhancing the quality of their products. Groenkop is one of four farms owned by the McMurray family and their head-office has been relocated to Windermere Farm which is situated closer to ports, airports and highways, this way they can manage distribution more efficiently and effectively.

SOiL believes in organic
SOiL promotes natural and abstains from harmful
SOiL supports local
SOiL cares about the quality, efficacy and purity of its products
SOiL products are not tested on animals
SOiL products do not contain parabens or petrochemicals

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