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Saach Organics Reviews

We love Saach Organics. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Saach Organics products.

I am really impressed with this hair colour - it colours my grey hairs easily and lasts really well, I only need to use it once a month to cover regrowth. I have nearly black hair with a few grey hairs and this colour is beautiful - I do mix it with the dark brown or black usually which creates a lovely black red colour - you can see the red in the light. Conditions my hair too and is also really easy to apply compared to other natural colours.

Review of Saach Organics Natural Hair Colour - Mahogany

Gentle on the scalp and hydrating. Leaves hair soft and shiny. For any type of hair not only colour treated

Review of Saach Organics Colour Protect Shampoo

This shampoo left my hair so, so, silky and soft. No tangles and easy to style. Washed off easily and no greasy feeling. Will definitely buy again and other products from this brand.

Review of Saach Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo

Love this shampoo. My scalp is very fussy and I have been losing more hair as of late. This shampoo is helping in both regards.

Review of Saach Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo

I bought this shampoo regardless of the bad review, as I own a saach body lotion and love it. I'm so glad I did, this shampoo is amazing, my itchy scalp has gone, my dandruff has gone and it leaves my hair soft enough I don't even have to use conditioner. Because I have very thick hair I use 15 squirts and it's good to shake it before use, It's a really great shampoo and definitely doesn't deserve the bad review.

Review of Saach Organics Dandruff Control Shampoo

Very good hair conditioner! Soft, clean feeling and good detangling effect.

Review of Saach Organics Hair Nourishment Conditioner

After coloring my hair with traditional hair dye for 20 years, I'm now HIGHLY allergic to color with PPD or ammonia.

I tried other semi perm colors without both, they worked ok, but turned my grays (especially on the sides of my head around my ears where I wear my hair with a buzzed undercut) a lovely shade of light purple. Looked 'cool' if your a young lady in her mid 20's, but I'm 50! So ...not so 'cool'. Also product was not all natural.

Now this product ....all natural, no allergic reaction AT ALL, and my greys are a slightly lighter brown and look like subtle highlights. So real nice..when you want to look 'cool' at 50 and not absurd. :)

Downside: gotta get used to the odor (smells a bit like day old damp grass not horrible); messy ...lI can tell applying this will take some practice. I recommend Saach put a YouTube video out there.

Overall excellent! And you now have a new customer in the US.


Review of Saach Organics Natural Hair Colour - Dark Brown

I have been using this as a natural, daily SPF for 3 months now. It's been winter and so have only been using on smaller areas of exposed skin including arms, neck and face. It feels light and smells good. I can't really speak to the quality of SPF as I haven't tested it in harsher conditions but one very pleasing side effect was that I get folliculitis on my arms and small breakouts on my chest and back and this cream has made a marked improvement to the condition of my skin! Maybe it's the carrot seed oil in it, but for that reason alone, I will keep using it!

Review of Saach Organics Day Protection Lotion & Sunscreen (SPF 15)

I decided to try this out to see what it would look like on my naturally dark brown hair. With it being a henna based powder, it's very messy to mix, apply and rinse out, but I'm really happy with the results and the condition of my hair is so much better too! Much shinier and healthier looking now! It's covered up my greys and is still looking nice after three weeks.
Full review & photos on my blog:-

Review of Saach Organics Natural Hair Colour - Burgundy