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Rossi Uvema Reviews

We love Rossi Uvema. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Rossi Uvema products.

The box and bottle has a lovely expensive look about it, and the feel of the cream the same. I was very impressed, made my skin as soft as velvet for a few days and it absorbed perfectly. unfortunately I started to react, I later found out, what my skin has been reacting to is rosehip!No refection on the product, everything about this was beautiful, and I tolerated it for longer than most

Review of Rossi Uvema Seabuckthorn & Hyssop Face Moisturiser 50ml

I've been looking for an all natural mist that doesn't contain alcohol and that doesn't cost the earth for a while and ordered this recently. It was instant love. The scent reminds me of being in a spa, and I look forward to my daily spritzes! The actual mist size on the nozzle is great - it doesn't leave your face wet like some toners do. And as for the product itself - refreshing and non drying. I'm going to look at other products in the line now. Brilliant new discovery.

Review of Rossi Uvema Rose & Rosemary Face Toning Mist 100ml

This is a gentle but effektive mask. I feel that my skin looks very good after this. It is creamy and I have it on for 10 minutes and it doesn't dry. This make it good for dry skin. I don't have a lot of impurities but I can get some and after using this mask the skin clear up.

Review of Rossi Uvema Intense Rejuvenation Rose & Pink Clay Mask 70gms

I bought the travel size of this cream and am so glad I did. This is a beautiful and rich cream which glides onto the skin providing deep moisturisation. I used it at night and in the morning my skin felt soft and not at all dry. I will be purchasing the full size.

Review of Rossi Uvema Astragalus & Shisandra Face Moisturiser 50ml

Love it! received a smaller size in my beauty box and bought the real size straight after finishing the other one. honestly I've got super sensitive skin and I've tried so many face creams none has ever worked as well as this product! its kinda oily but i use a very small amount. also it smells very nice

Review of Rossi Uvema Astragalus & Shisandra Face Moisturiser 50ml

Just looking at the ingredients made my sensitive and dry skin happy! No essential oils to irritate my skin. I can use products with a small amount of essential oils, but it is great to find an option with none at all. This is a creamy lotion with no scent. Great for sensitive noses aswell. It makes my skin feels clean and very soft. I use very little makeup and with no silicones, but it removes what I am using with no problem. I would suggest that you use a lukewarm cloth to remove makeup, but it is maybe just my preference. i tried many cleanser and this is a great one. The texture slovenly and very gentle on the skin. Love it!

Review of Rossi Uvema Avocado & Green Tea Face Cleansing Lotion 100ml

Love this moisturiser. Smells amazing (of rose) and is thick and super moisturising without being greasy. I don't use it under makeup because of it's thickness but it's a great night cream or for when you're not wearing makeup.

Review of Rossi Uvema Astragalus & Shisandra Face Moisturiser 50ml

Very convenient and easy to use. After use my skin was cleansed, refined, smooth and soft. Did an impressive job for the price. I shall definitely buy it again.

Review of Rossi Uvema Intense Rejuvenation Rose & Pink Clay Mask 70gms

I don't know why but I expected this mask to be a lovely rose scented gel.Instead I got a tomato red coloured mush,but I used it anyway.
Had a job washing it off my hands and panicked then about what colour my face would be.However I felt my face tingling all over and it rinsed off wel but took me a while.I really haven't noticed a difference yet but will continue to use it as my skin felt lovely and smooth.Hopefully I'll get the rejuvenation that this mask promises.

Review of Rossi Uvema Intense Rejuvenation Rose & Pink Clay Mask 70gms