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  • Rhamnia Bynata
  • Rhamnia Bynata
  • Rhamnia Bynata

Rhamnia Bynata

A selection of natural products with sea buckthorn extract. To inspire beauty! Learn more about Rhamnia Bynata

Rhamnia Bynata is the first brand of Bynata Ltd., which is a company founded and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We started our brand three years ago, although the idea about our products came out a little bit earlier. It all began when Natalia (founder of Bynata Ltd.) discovered the benefits of herbs. First, using them as medicine to help her recover from an illness. After long studies and researches on different plants, Natalia became really enthusiastic about home made oils and face creams (and yes!, they worked). The idea to start a small business didn't take too long to come. That's how Bytata Ltd. was found.
In general, Bulgaria has an excellent reputation as a beauty care product manufacturer. We contacted some of the best Bulgarian specialists in the industry and created our private label with care, cognition, patience and love.
Our aim was to offer really beneficial natural products and to present them in a unique way.

After thorough investigations of the fantastic gifts of nature, we chose the magic plant Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides). Its extracts are a main active ingredient in our inspiring beauty care selection Rhamnia Bynata.
Sea Buckthorn is a phenomenal plant! Since ancient times it has been prized as an indispensable source of beneficial for the human body substances. Because of its proven qualities it is called the miracle plant. It is used with a great success as a remedy to disarm the signs of ageing and to help tissue regeneration. Products containing sea buckthorn extracts have a very good effect, they do not irritate and are most suitable for dry and normal skin.

We want our customers to become our fans, to become our friends, who feel free to comment on our products, to demand from us and to feel happy to own a Bynata product. Who are our fans? The people who choose Rhamnia Bynata are daring, curious and positive. They are open to challenges and exploring and have a good self confidence. They know that beautiful face and body means beautiful mind and spirit. Speaking of beauty … Do you love life? Do you communicate easily? Do you share your feelings? Do you meet most of the problems with dignity and peace of mind? Do you make brave steps toward your dreams every day? If your answer is YES, this is probably the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Rhamnia Bynata and you!
We would be a great team! We'd love to walk the way to beauty with you! Let's inspire beauty!

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