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Rahua Reviews

We love Rahua. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Rahua products.

This certainly is the best conditioner I have ever used. My hair loves it and so do I.

Review of Rahua Voluminous Conditioner 275ml

Purchased in January and still have half of the bottle left in August with two people using generously & often! Very good value for money, eco-friendly, etc.

Love the vanilla scent and the texture and volume it adds to my hair. Refreshes oily hair easily and doesn't leave a white or grey residue if you rub it in and brush it out properly.

Review of Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo 51g

I use Rahua Hair line products for 3 years and adore them. So I waited when Rahua Body line would be available...\nI tried shower gel and body lotion and "felt in love" with the both products. :) \nMy skin is not dry, but it needs more tender care in winter. Cold weather and heater systems make my skin dry, and some parts can even be painfully dry. Just Rahua Shower Gel along with Rahua Body Lotion turned to be the most suitable products to recover my skin, moreover quickly.\nThank you to LoveLula for discovering new brands and lines!

Review of Rahua Body Shower Gel 260ml

great product, the hair feels healthy and is super shiny and easy to manage, happy :)

Review of Rahua Classic Shampoo 275ml

I love this conditioner as a finishing treatment using only a small amount (pea size) from root to tip concentrating on my end as the are quite dry, I then have great body & bounce, shiny smooth hair (no frizzy dry ends) & at the same time my hair is being conditioned all day long. I will now & again use it as you would normal conditioner but as it is quite expensive only when really needed. When used as just a finish it will last for a good few months or more so glad love lula have this brand & at such a fantastic price

Review of Rahua Travel Size Voluminous Conditioner 60ml

I bought the travel sized shampoo and conditioner to try out and, I don't think it's my imagination, since using this brand of shampoo and conditioner my hair has stopped falling out in handfuls when I comb it out after washing. Maybe that's down to my age but because of that I will now buy the larger bottles. I do pour more shampoo into my hand than I probably need to but I like to get a bit of a lather. My hair is squeaky clean and soft after drying and would recommend it even though it's quite pricey.

Review of TRY ME* Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 275ml

Do not use product every day, but I love the feel it gives my hair, I use it only on the ends.

Review of Rahua Elixir 30ml

i love this shampoo! it's full of natural ingredients and makes my hair so soft. also, normally when i use shampoo it stings on my head, this one finally doesn't

Review of Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 275ml

Best conditioner I have ever tried! Left my dull and ruined hair soft and lustrous!!! Would give it 10 butterflies if I could!

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml

Received a sample of this with an order. I can honestly say my hair has never looked or felt better - so smooth and shiny. Saving up for a full size one now!

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml

That's my favourite hair conditioner since I started to use it 3 years ago! Even if I try some new one, I always return to it.\nI have blond (lightly coloured) hair and Rahua conditioner is very suitable for me. I use it daily. This product seems can be recommended to everyone.

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml

Expensive but worth it. My favourite conditioner, even my partner commented how lovely it smells.

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml

My favourite conditioner. Makes my hair silly smooth and even my partner loves the smell. I would highly recommend, although a bit pricy.

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml

2 a week \nto my friends \ngood quality, but not appropriate to price (high price)

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml

2 a week \nto my friends\ngood quality, but not appropriate to price (high price)

Review of Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 275ml

I initially bought the travel size but it tangled my hair too much to consider purchasing full size. BUT I just couldn't get over how shiny it made my hair look. I have to use a thick conditioner and be very gentle untangling the knots, but the shine and softness are worth it. I definitely prefer this one to the voluminous one as this conditions my hair more. Also, I think this is probably the most natural/cleanest ingredient shampoo on here which appeals to me.

Review of Rahua Classic Shampoo 275ml

Because (unlike every other review) I find the Rahua conditoners not moisturizing enough I was worried this would not be right for me. My fine, soft wavy hair is not as soft and detangled as I would expect for the price. I love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner but this I find a bit too petrol-like for my preference, which I don't mind but I just don't think the performance is that great. It's still a nice product but I feel there are other masks that work better for me as when I remove it just feels like it has had a regular conditioner on it not a mask.

Review of Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

This hasn't really given my hair any volume but does deal with the flyaways.

Review of Rahua Voluminous Spray 6oz

It will sting as hell if it gets in your eyes. It is salty if it gets in your mouth. It is way too expensive for just a normal shampoo that is not gonna make your hair extra shiny or extra voluminous.

Review of Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 275ml

My hair is straight and doesn't tangle so I was surprised at how tangled and knotted it felt on rinsing. I couldn't use this without a heavy duty conditioner afterwards - and even so it was still very difficult to comb through. BUT it did make my hair feel soft and shinny.

Review of Rahua Travel Size Classic Shampoo 60ml

I have very dry wavy hair and this cleanse very well but is to drying to my hair. Use it two times and then had to switch to another shampoo.

Review of Rahua Classic Shampoo 275ml

I got the sample of this after seeing it rated well in so many places, and with a full size price tag of £27 I had high hopes.

Initially, the smell is lovely. But it struggled to lather up, so I had to use a lot to cover my mid-length hair. It was hard to massage in as my hair felt more tangly than usual. Once dried, it felt like it had tiny bit of volume, but I'm not sure this was due to the tangle/dry effect (I used the matching conditioner)

A couple of days after washing, my hair is limp and greasy like it hasn't been washed for a week. The only reason this has two stars is because of the lovely smell.

Review of Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 275ml

This was horrible for my hair. It does´t detangles at all and I had to use another conditioner to get this one out of my hair.

Review of Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml