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Poapoa Reviews

We love Poapoa. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Poapoa products.

I love that this soap dish is made from upcycled coconut shells. It looks beautiful and is a great dish to store your natural soap, shampoo or conditioner bar. It allows the bars to dry out naturally and prevents it from going mushy. I absolutely love it as it makes the bars last longer. Highly recommend!

Review of PoaPoa Coconut Soap Holder

The conditioner bar softens, detangles and moisturises my hair. After shampooing my hair, I moisten the bar and massage it all over my hair ensuring it is thoroughly coated with the conditioner.

I gently detangle with my wide-toothed comb, leave it on for 5 minutes to absorb and then rinse thoroughly. It leaves my hair soft, smooth and moisturised.

Review of Poapoa Avocado & Lime Conditioner Bar 100g

The scent of this soap is spicy and refreshing. It creates a creamy lather and cleanses my skin without stripping it. My skin is nice and soft afterwards.

Review of Poapoa Turmeric & Ginger Natural Soap Bar 100g

The shampoo bar lathers well, softening the hair as it cleanses. To use: Lather onto hands then into wet hair from scalp to tip. Repeat twice. Rinse out. Follow with conditioner bar.

It feels really nourishing with ingredients like Chebe powder. I regularly use chebe butter, it is great for moisturising and strengthening the hair.

The shampoo bar leaves my hair and scalp nice and clean without stripping my natural oils.

Review of Poapoa Avocado & Chebe Shampoo Bar 100g

I love the marbled effect of this soap! The scent is fresh and herbal thanks to Tea tree and Rosemary oils. It lathers really well and has a gritty feel as you apply to the skin. The activated charcoal gently exfoliates and draws out toxins.

It cleanses my skin thoroughly, leaving it balanced without drying it out. My skin feels beautifully soft and smooth. The bar lasts a long time so good value for money.

Review of Poapoa Charcoal & Tea Tree Natural Soap 100g

I didn't get on well with this solid conditioner at all (and I've tried others that have been good).

My hair felt like straw after I'd left it for 5 minutes, and it was near impossible to rinse out completely. The result has been hair feeling as though there is still product left in it, and difficult to style. Oddly as the day has gone on the strange texture has diminished. Not sure I could recommend.

Review of Poapoa Avocado & Lime Conditioner Bar 100g