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Pierre de Plaisir

Scrubbing stones are unique and innovative exfoliants, handmade of natural ingredients for one purpose: to make your skin so smooth, soft and relaxed as never before in a most natural and easy way. Give yourself the best smoothing treatment and unique body & face massage in the privacy and comfort of your home!

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My name is Monika, I love nature and freedom, I keep looking for inner calm and harmony, I dream about safe and healthy world for my children. During one of my distant holiday travels I have discovered an extraordinary product, which surprised and fascinated me, and became an inspiration to start my own production in Poland.

As the enthusiast of natural body care I was surprised by incredible results and versatility of the product. Scrubbing stones perfectly fitted into my philosophy of living in harmony with nature and enabled me to replace few skincare products with that one, the most natural and effective.


SCRUBBING STONE is a very unique alternative for all scrubs and exfoliators aiming to regenerate epidermis and smoothing the skin, so far unavailable on the market. It was created for natural, multimodal (smoothing – exfoliation – massage), safe for body and effective skin care. It is also a perfect substitute of pumice stones and all scrubbing tools available on the market, intended to exfoliate the epidermis of feet and the thickened skin on hands, knees and elbows.

Handmade of natural ingredients, which makes each product unique, manufactured with passion, commitment and the mission to share the regenerating power of nature to every single user of my product.

Today, my company is a team of young and creative people who share my passion, and motivate me to keep promoting SCRUBBING STONES and exploring new markets, as a group of our satisfied customers is constantly growing and our products get more and more great reviews every single day.


I invite you to test SCRUBBING STONES and let us give you something special and surprising:

The smoothness and softness of your skin that you have never known before..
Simple and natural care tailored to your needs and preferences..
A great feeling of becoming more beautiful day by day!

Pierre de Plaisir
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