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PHB Ethical Beauty Reviews

We love PHB Ethical Beauty. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of PHB Ethical Beauty products.

This blusher in the colour 'Petunia' is gorgeous. It's a cool, blue-toned pink. It's highly pigmented so you only need a little bit. It blends well and has a very subtle shimmer (without any annoying bits of glitter.) It comes in a white box that has a little mirror and closes with a satisfying magnetic snap. The quality is superb and on par with any of the Designer brands, with the added bonus that this product is Cruelty Free and contains no parabens. I would highly recommend this blusher.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Blusher +SPF 15 - Petunia 9g

Really goes on easily. Does not smudge and mascara lasts all day.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

My eyes are quite sensitive and this product doesn't seem to irritate them. It stays put and gives a good result.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Simple and effective, used won't disappoint, great with eye lash curler. Stays put longer than some other high end natural mascaras.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

It was better than I expected. I have sensentive eyes and this did not irritate them at all, and it did not smudge or move. I really recomend this for someone who wants a good mascare that gives a naturall finish.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

reasonable sized sample. though I tend to prefer eye cream to gel, this was lovely to use and smelt gorgeous. only a small amount needed, both mornings and evenings, so the sample lasted me some weeks.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel with Organic Eyebright & Neroli 15ml

After searching through many different brands I have finally found this mascara and I am thoroughly happy with it. Usually my eyes were sore and irritated in the end of the day and every evening I end up with swollen eyelids. When I started to use PHB Beauty all my issues vanished. Additionally the brush helps to apply the mascara properly. This is my second purchase and I wouldn't replace it with anything else.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

I have tried lots of organic and natural mascaras but this is the first one that would actually repurchase! It gives a really natural lift and look to the eyelashes that I love. I keep getting complemented on my mascara so it's definitely making an impact. Like a previous use, I do find it can clog on the brush after a while but a simple wipe with a tissue sorts that out and having used the mascara for two months I've only had to do that once! Love it!

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

I've tried hundreds of mascaras, mostly 'normal' ones that contain chemicals, but a few natural ones too. This is by far my favourite, even versus high end ones, as it ticks all the boxes for lengthening, volumising and water resistance and doesn't contain any nasties. I sat in a steam room at a pool and it barely budged! It really is great.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Noticeably softer and shinier hair. Smells lovely and is a good size tub. I will be buying again.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Hair Conditioning Mask with Monoi de Tahiti 100ml

Love this mascara!! Never buying another!! Goes on great! Lengthens and thickness better than all of the mainstream ones I've ever tried. Water resistant, not proof, meaning it comes off a bit easier, but you can still have a cry or chop onions, or get caught in the rain.
Absolute winner this one!

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Does not dry out eyes or the region surrounding my eyes which is normally very sensitive. It does last as advertised. Brush shape could be improved.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

This mascara is WONDERFUL! Feels weightless on my lashes, absolutely no flakiness and lasts all day. Can't wait to try the eyeliner.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Very nice deep black and feels nice. Does it's job and doesn't make my eyes tingle as others.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

I received this in a LL Beauty Box and it is definitely in my top 3 mascaras (& as a beauty blogger, I have tried many!) This does not budge for me - no smudging whatsoever. It does leave my lashes a little 'crispy' but nothing that would stop me buying this again.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Had the mineral brow powder in Raven (dark brown actually) for a few months with every day use and barely any is gone. Good value for money.
Use it on my eyebrows and used as eye shadow once. Both worked. Stays on eyebrows well even at the gym, minimal smudging - unless you rub it lots.

Really wish they had a colour between Raven and Black, like a natural black for people with dark eyebrows that don't want a thick BLACK slug over there... Maybe it the future :)

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Mineral Eyebrow Powder - Brunette 3g

I like it a lot. It is gentle beautiful color and it is very gentle to eyes which is important to me. I will order it again.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Organic Pencil Eyeliner in Brown 4g

It didn't irritate my eyes and stayed put for quite some time.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow - Amethyst 3g

I read positive and then negative reviews and was a little bit thinking should I buy it but so happy I decided to test it myself and I am so happy with it. My eyes are very sensitive and I really have trouble having mascara on. It makes my eyes cry and watery all the time and ofc red. But this one is so gentle and does not bother me at all. Also, it gives such a natural look. It looks like you literally have naturally long eyelashes without that usual fakeness feel of the way to much tint on eyes. I will definitely use this from now on regular. And advice if you see reviews that are so opposite like just 5 or 1 try it for yourself I am so happy I did.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

I've only recently come across the PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows and have been really impressed (I now own 3)! The shade Grape is the perfect shade for autumn. The colour is buildable and leaves a gorgeous, subtle shimmer to the lid. Highly recommend!

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow - Grape 3g XX

I am really pleased with this product. Very nice colour, easy to build up, not too shiny. Am going to buy a few more shades in the future.

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow - Grape 3g XX

This primer creates an ideal base for mineral foundation. My pores would always get clogged up, but I don't have this problem when using the primer. It also really works to minimize pores and filling in lines, which make the skins looks more flawless. Also, it doesn't make my acne worse at all. It's actually a bit soothing.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Primer 9g

I am not able to wear eyeliner under my eyes because after 5 minutes everything is clogged. I've tried surely more than 50 eyeliners but this one actually works :-) Hallelujah

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Organic Pencil Eyeliner in Black 4g

I have been very impressed with this PHB Ethical Beauty eye shadow.I've been wearing this on my eyes almost daily. It really helps to make my look more awake.I will definitely be adding more to my collection.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow - Smokey Quartz 3g

I love this eyeshadow, it is easy to apply and stays on all day. It doesn't crease and comes in some great colours. I will be buying a selection of the shades offered.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow - Smokey Quartz 3g

Excellent for a natural (but not too subtle)look. It lasts long and gives good definition. Most importantly,I found it's the only natural mascara so far tried that can withstand the occasional watery eye without running or smudging.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Brown All-In-One Mascara 10ml

I received this as part of the LoveLula Beauty box and initially I was a bit disappointed as I never use liquid liner due to difficulties in application. However, I thought I would give it a try and found it ridiculously easy to apply, I got a lovely thin line close to my lashes - perfect! Really happy to have received this product and I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out. I am a liquid liner convert!

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Liquid Eyeliner - Black 4.5ml

I have always been a huge fan of PHB, so seeing this product I knew immediately I had to try it!
And oh my, it has quickly become one of my favorite face product! I have mild rosacea and I've always been longing for something to slightly even out my skintone without fully covering my natural face. This does the job and it does it well!
It looks extremely natural, it fits perfectly with my very fair skin-tone (it doesn't look orange whatsoever) and it feels so comfortable on the skin!
On top of that, the packaging is gorgeous and feels really luxurious. Love it! It's an absolute must-try if you've been looking for a natural, but beautiful and comfortable product.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Tinted Moisturiser +SPF 25 - Porcelain - 30ml

This has been what I've been reaching for to keep my summer glow going! It gives a natural, sunkissed looked. A great product and a great price too.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Bronzer +SPF 15 - Sunkissed 9g

I have a pretty complex skin care routine and I have to be careful about using products which interact negatively with other active ingredients. This is something I can use every day. There's no interaction with other serums, toners, etc. I can use this on days where I'm using vitamin C or AHAs. It sinks in super easily and has a slight rose scent, very slight scent. It feels like it has dimethicone, but it doesn't have any silicon substances in it at all. It is amazing and super lightweight.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty - NEW Gentle Moisturiser 30ml

This makes a great addition to PHB's skincare line. No essential oils in this lightweight but rich moisturiser. My skin isn't sensitive but it's nice to give it a break from essential oils. Soothing with the aloe in it!

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty - NEW Gentle Moisturiser 30ml

This lip tint is absolutely gorgeous!! A dusty pink with a slight coral hint to it. It goes on smoothly, makes my lips soft and the color looks fantastic while still looking natural. It really brightens up my every day look when I want to go for something natural, yet cute. Absolutely love it!

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lip Tint - Petal 10g XX

I have been really impressed, when applying the bio-gel daily, on how lightweight this gel feels on the skin, while providing a powerful hydration boost. It does not leave the skin feeling greasy or looking shiny, and can be easily incorporated into an existing skin care routine with an improved skintone each time this skin-loving gel is applied! Full review at:

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty - NEW Skin Brightener Bio-Gel 50ml

I bought the blusher in color "Blossom". It is a little too light in color for my taste. I have brown hair and a fair skin color.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Blusher +SPF 15 - Blossom 9g

I love the eco-friendly glass pump bottle which makes it easy to dispense. The texture is nice and creamy and it smells amazing. It is such a delight to use in the morning as it helps to uplift my mood.

I massage a small amount into my skin and leave it on for a minute and then rinse with warm water. The french pink clay helps to detoxify and dry out dirt and impurities without drying out the skin.

My skin feels clean and soft afterwards without any dryness or tightness. Really impressed with this cleanser, my skin is less congested and looks brighter.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty - NEW Superfood Brightening Cleanser 100ml

I love this blusher, I was worried it might be a bit wishy washy but it has a really strong colour pay off that lasts pretty well. This is a lovely colour and it's gives a natural look with a very subtle sheen. I think it will last a long time too, as you only need to use a tiny bit. It makes me want to try more products in this line, the mascara is also excellent.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Blusher +SPF 15 - Camelia 9g

I love both PHB eye gels, this one contains ingredients to brighten the under eye area. The light gel formula keeps eye hydrated without being too heavy.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel with Organic Eyebright & Neroli 15ml

I dropped off a star coz it sometimes smudges a little over my skin during the day, but is easy to wipe off. I find the wand easy to use, product applies easily, dries quickly & once dry, you can touch it without it imparting colour (but if it rubs against skin, then it smudges). It is dark black & can be layered for more volume, but I've never tried to get it super-voluminous & imagine you'd need a few layers. This wand gives nice lash separation. I've used my tube for about 6mths & never had dry flecks dusting over my skin. The product has not dried out & still applies as it did when first opened. At one point the brush got overloaded with product, causing some blobs when applying, so either wipe the wand or follow up with a clean spoolie. For a 'natural' mascara, I'm impressed.
I use oil or an oily-balm to remove it, but a little persistence is required.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

I recently decided to gradually replace my old makeup with ethical brands as and when things ran I was looking for a neutral 'day' colour that didn't look as if I was wearing no make-up at all. I think PHB might be my new favourite make-up brand!
Tea Rose is a really pretty subtle and natural pinky-brown. It perfectly suits my fair skinned redhead's complexion but I think would suit most people looking for a neutral colour.
It adheres well to the lips, is well-pigmented and has just the right amount of sheen without being shiny.It lasts quite a good length of time, especially if you blot with a tissue and re-apply. It won't last all day, obviously, but it's certainly as long-lasting as any other non-ethical brands I've used. I didn't have to re-apply it any more than I do with any other lipstick.
The only slight negative for me is that whilst it goes on nice and creamy, I found it left my lips slightly dry at the end of the day. Hence only 4 stars. I just get round that by using a good lip balm, and for me, it's worth it for the excellent colour and the ethical credentials. I'm certainly going to be buying more colours and trying the glosses and glazes.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lipstick - Tea Rose 10g

Love the colour of this, it's well pigmented and I would say it's more coral than peach. I did find it hard to apply with a little drag and actually broke it trying to apply it! But it stays really well and looks great.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lipstick - Peach 10g

This mascara is a lovely deep black, stays on all day and didn't irritate my eyes. The only thing I didn't like was the brush which I found hard to use, the mascara tended to clog to it, which made it hard to apply and I managed to get it all over my hands. Used an eyelash comb to separate my eyelashes and remove some of the product. So a bit of a faff to apply.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Hmm. Not quite sure how to describe this, it's an odd colour. Not cranberry nor the warm red described, but more of a deep pinkish plum with a metallic overtone. Very disappointed that it's not as shown but it's an ok colour in itself. Don't love it though, and not sure if I will keep it. I was admiring some of the other PHB lipsticks, but given this experience I don't think I can trust their photos and descriptions so won't be trying any more.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lipstick - Cranberry 10g

Previously I have used Lavera mascara for a number of years, but couldn't get it this time so tried this one based on the other positive reviews. Unfortunately it hasn't suited me. It's worth noting I'm quite particular and a bit ocd about putting on mascara, I like quite a light application and don't like it clumping. The details for this mascara does say it thickens and volumises but the last Lavera mascara I had was a volume one but it didn't go like this one has. So my review is probably only for those who are like me :)

Firstly I found the smell a bit chemically on first opening it, which my only comparison was against the Lavera mascara I used which had a lovely floral scent.

Secondly I found for me the brush head was a bit big, and it's tapered. Again this is just based on what I previously used and liked, which was a narrower brush all the same thickness. I think it would be great to include a picture of the mascara brush with the product.

Finally, I have found the product quite thick and clumpy on the brush. I've had to wipe quite a lot off in order to make the brush usable (for me). It has just got steadily thicker. I bought the mascara in Dec 2016 and 6 months later I'm ready to bin it. Perhaps that's how long mascara should last, but I found the Lavera one lasted a lot longer.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

This lip gloss cannot be worn without a lip balm as it tends to dry the lips. The shade is very intense (fuchsia), with a bit of shimmer. The durability is quite remarkable for a lip gloss so I would personally call it a lip stain, not a lip gloss (the more so because it looks matte rather than shiny).

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lip Gloss - Camellia 10g XX

I bought this tinted moisturizer directly from the manufacturer; I bought both light and medium shades. I'd had issues with the old BB cream and foundation products, so I thought the new tinted moisturizer would be better.
My problem with it: it isn't, in my humble opinion, a moisturizer, and it is difficult to blend. It sits on your face and feels very dry. Undoubtedly, the ingredients are good and safe, but the product is too dry. My skin is very mature yet combination and it doesn't feel moisturized at all. One other negative point is the smell: it is not nice, it is also strong and will linger for a whole day. Upon my contacting the manufacturer, they advised to apply another moisturizer first; I did and the product pilled out on top. I tried mixing it with several other moisturizers, with some it didn't pill out and applied better but still felt tight and dry.
Anyway, in my humble opinion, it is more like a foundation, it has good coverage and will last all day (the smell too, unfortunately), and won't generate any breakouts. However, I wanted a real moisturizer, and I can't accept having to apply another one under it, it negates the purpose, especially as it isn't cheap.
I guess PHB is a very good ethical company, yet it is not as proficient in liquid cosmetics as in skin care; it is also better adapted to younger complexions.
I must admit I'm quite disappointed.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Tinted Moisturiser +SPF 25 - Light - 30ml

This lip gloss is packed with pigmentand a little goes a long way but the picture does not match the product. Tea Rose is considerably darker and redder than the peachy paler image shown. Please amend Lula! The product itself is nice but perhaps drys out a little too fast, making my lips feel dry.

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lip Gloss - Tea Rose 10g XX

Nice product but a bit runny so have to be careful when you open it.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty - NEW 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash 300ml

This is my third PHB mascara - the mascara itself is really good, and I wanted to support a brand that uses clean ingredients. BUT the packaging (incl. this new one which I was so waiting for) need a massive improvement. It's simply impossible to apply the mascara without messing up the skin around your eye. I tried to apply with a different brush, which was much better. PHB please take some inspiration from other tried and tested brushes (happy to make recommendations), I'm sure there are lots of makeup artists who could advise you.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Mesmerise Mascara - Black - 9ml

Received this product in the beauty box. while it advertises as fragrance free it actually has a chemical smell like of rubber or smth not made of nature. it applies very nicely though and the skin feels luxurious, moisturised and very smooth.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty - NEW Gentle Moisturiser 30ml

I am kicking myself that I didn't start small with this brand when I hadn't any experience of it before. Sadly I jumped straight in there and bought this big palette thinking it would be great to take on holiday with me. One small eye shadow would have been much less a waste of money for me. I suffer many reactions to contents of makeup and hence I'm always on the look out for safer makeups. Unfortunately the eye colours in this palette are much too shiny, I much prefer a matt or even slightly silky effect but these didn't look good on me at all. The colours are also different on the eye from they look in the palette which was a surprise - I've never seen this before. I thought I'd leave them to see if they dulled down over time but hated the look every time I caught sight of myself in a mirror and had to replace it with my usual matt finish eye shadows. The blushers I found very obvious though I could learn to use them sparingly. Overall, this was an expensive mistake for me.

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral 6 Piece Pallet - Nudes 30g XX

Unfortunately I was really disappointed with this lip tint. The colour is okay but it is very hard so doesn't glide on and the stick has actually broken after using it just a handful of times, probably because I've had to use some pressure to apply it. I didn't find it particularly moisturising either. I am new to vegan lip products so maybe my expectations were unrealistic?

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lip Tint - Peach 10g XX

At first i wondered whether there was a mistake & a light pink eyeshadow had been mislabelled as foundation. I looked to see if they made this colour eyeshadow. Nope. It's foundation. It's not a skin colour foundation with cool undertones, it's actually a pale pink. I have cool undertones with rosacea, so definately have lots of pink in my skin, but this was just weird. Sure enough, when applied, it made my skin slightly pinkish. I mixed the powder with a drop of oil, then patted it over my face, then apply a little dry powder on top - i find this method better on my slightly dry skin. This has good coverage, better than some other powders, but it looked a bit powdery up-close (perhaps I used too much). It transferred off when touched - if you wear glasses it'll slide around under the nose pieces. I had it on for only about 6hrs & cant see myself wearing this again, but it wore well for that time - no patchiness etc.

Review of XX PHB Ethical Beauty Mini Loose Mineral Foundation +SPF30 - Fair Rose 1.5g XX

I wrote my main review under the 'Fair Rose' shade. Where the 'Fair Rose' shade is light pink, this one is a light orangey colour. Is described as being for cool undertones, but definately not flattering to my pale, cool skin, so i didnt even try this one (was also too dark). Both are very strange foundation colours. Wont get use out of these samples.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Mini Loose Mineral Foundation +SPF30 - Medium Rose 1.5g

I read all the shining reviews so thought I would try this mascara. I found the brush to be very fat and I got a little on the upper waterline of my eye and it stung like crazy. Made my eyes puff up and go red and it really hurt. I don't have sensitive eyes so I was really surprised. I can use the mascara but only if I don't put any on the lash root which seems to defeat the point. I haven't reacted to any cosmetic ever and I would not use this again.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

I've been looking for a natural mascara that doesn't make me look like a racoon, and thought I'd give this one a try, after reading the positive reviews. Sadly, after using it 4-5 times, it is now going in the bin. Except from the first time I used it, I've had to wipe off the wand, to get rid of clumps. It helps a bit, but my lashes keeps sticking together as well. Using an eyelash brush helps a bit.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Very very disappointed with this. I had ordered this blusher before the first review was left by another customer so I didn't have much to base my decision on. Whilst PHB products have great credentials, there is not enough pigment in this blusher to encourage me to continue using it. In fact the colour is lacklustre - like the other reviewer I also have pale skin and dark hair and it barely shows up on my face. When you apply more to try and build the colour, it starts to look caked but no depth of colour. In the palette, the blusher looks like a flat colour. Applied to my face it was seriously sparkly, infuriatingly my face was still covered in tiny sparkles when I got out of the shower! Annoyed that I have wasted my money.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Blusher +SPF 15 - Blossom 9g

I love PHB but I have to say the lipstick isn't that good. It goes on lip only when you press very very hard and nobody would like to do that :-( All my ordered lipsticks from PHB seem to be also very hard.

Review of PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lipstick - Blossom 10g