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ORGANii Reviews

We love ORGANii. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of ORGANii products.

I use this on my son when we go on holiday. It's quite runny but sinks in easily. It does leave marks which is lessened by rubbing in properly. It protects so well though, we use it on delicate areas like face and shoulders.

Review of ORGANii Sun Milk SPF50 - 125ml

I really like the Organii brand as it's more affordable than some others and this Hand Gel is great as it's not too drying. Nice and fresh scent x

Review of ORGANii Purifying Hand Gel - 80ml

For me it was amazing to find such a product.Most mouthwashes are left in the mouth a hard taste, and tears appear (at least for me). There is no such effect!

Review of ORGANii Aloe Mouthwash Eucalyptus - 500ml

The smell is faint, yet pleasant and it does its cleaning job well. It will however not make you feel like you just came out of a spa. Would recommend for everyday showers.

Review of ORGANii Shower Gel Shea Butter - 300ml

This is a brilliant handbag size so very convenient to carry around when you're doing your essential errands.

Review of ORGANii Purifying Surface Spray - 75ml

Organic patches-what could be better?) In fact, excellent patches, in a box of different sizes. Long stay on the skin and do not come unstuck.

Review of ORGANii Organic Cotton Patches Mixed Sizes - 45 pieces

These are some of my favourite natural soaps that are SLS free. Gentle on the skin, don’t aggravate my eczema and this Almond one smells lovely!

Review of xx DISCONTINUED - Cream Soap Almond - 100g

Nice subtle smell and creamy soap! Really like the products of Organii.

Review of xx DISCONTINUED - Cream Soap Almond - 100g

I love Organii's Creamy Soaps - they are fantastic for dry skin and leave everything really nice and soft. Although this is the neutral one, I also love the scents, especially Almond and Verbena, both gorgeous. Very affordable and last a while too.

Review of ORGANii Cream Soap Neutral - 100g

My whole family love this. It's the perfect size for your bag and smells so good. It's very soothing.

Review of ORGANii After Sun Cream - 50ml

I am very impressed with this hand cream. Gentle, delicate smell and super hydrating. My hands are incredibly soft, like silk, after applying it and the feeling last very long. I have tried many other brands and much more expensive before and I could not get the same results. I highly recommend it. The price is also very affordable. A star product for me.

Review of ORGANii Natural Care Hand and Nail Cream 75ml

Lovely handcreme, subtle nice smell nice texture and nice price, very satisfied!

Review of ORGANii Natural Care Hand and Nail Cream 75ml

A brilliant arnica gel for soothing sore and tired muscles.

Review of ORGANii Soothing Arnica Gel - 50ml

It's good, it does not irritate the skin or the eyes, BUT you need to work it well into the skin if you don't want to stay with a white face all day long.
It is a bit oily.

Review of ORGANii Sun Milk SPF50 - 125ml

Крем для рук без запаха, белого цвета, имеет легкую текстуру, но, к сожалению, даже летом не справляется со своей задачей: кожу абсолютно не увлажняет.К покупке не советую!

Review of xx DISCONTINUED - Gentle Care Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin 75ml

It looks and works fine and when you smell the bottle it smells good! The typical artificial strawberry smell, kinda. But when you take it out of the bottle... Ew! Maybe it's just not for me, but it literally burns in my nose...

Review of ORGANii Shower Gel Strawberry - 300ml