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The British-made brand has crafted subtle blends of natural oils into solid moisturiser balms. OKKO’s face, body, lip and foot balm sticks are must-haves for the multi-tasking modern person at home and on-the-go! OKKO uses all natural ingredients, and essential or natural flavour oils only with the aim to making people feel more comfortable in their own skin. Learn more about OKKO

But the benefits of using OKKO go beyond applying natural ingredients to your face, body, lips and feet. With their packaging, there is virtually no waste nor messy spills. The size and shape of the packaging also make getting yours and your family’s skincare through hand luggage security a whole lot easier!

OKKO’s solid moisturising balm sticks melt immediately upon contact with your skin, which means the natural oils are quickly absorbed, eliminating any waiting time in your day or nighttime beauty routine.

The entire OKKO product range is safe to use for the whole family, even the little ones.
Anne says: "I am a mum who cares about my family’s skin. This is why we came up with a range that does exactly that in an innovative, natural and organic way. There is no nasty stuff, only natural and organic ingredients. We are authentic and real, and so are the products".

OKKO’s range include body, face, lip and foot balm sticks, each with a unique blend of carefully selected natural oils such as Organic Chia Seed Oil, Rose hip Oil and Mango Butter. Unscented balms are also available in the face and body ranges which makes the products great for sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin.

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