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NEEK Skin Organics Australia Reviews

We love NEEK Skin Organics Australia. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of NEEK Skin Organics Australia products.

Applying to damp skin, the clear coloured cleanser glides over the skin with ease with a light natural scent detected that is enjoyable. Massaging into the skin, the cleanser does foam a little to ensure even skin coverage, before washing off with warm water for cleansed skin that does not feel stripped of its essential moisture. It does state you can repeat this step to perform a second cleanse if wearing any sunscreen or heavy makeup because the oils included will break these down, but I found one cleanse efficiently removes any product especially an SPF i usually have to remove twice, leaving skin feeling soft and supple and perfect to use morning and night.

Review of NEEK Vegan Skincare Face Cleanser

The lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser is an alternative from heavier moisturisers, but is still able to deliver a much needed hydration boost for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid retains skin moisture, while antioxidant wattleseed balances skin with anti-inflammatory properties (and much more) for a brighter complexion with a smoother texture. The potent anti-oxidant Aloe Vera soothes and moisturises to help compromised and dehydrated skin, while also helping to reduce acne and accelerate wound healing. Applying to the face, neck, and decolletage, the moisturiser glides over the skin with ease and absorbs instantly when using gentle massaging movements. A light and natural scent can be detected with soft and smooth skin that feels hydrated and supported throughout the day.

Review of NEEK Vegan Skincare Face Moisturiser

Very cool lipstick in a beautiful package! A nice color that can be done both bright and slightly give a shade to the lips. Does not dry lips. It lasts quite a long time. In my instagram ( yanagreenbeauty ) i wrote a review on this lipstick with photo.

Review of NEEK Skin Organics Friday On My Mind Vegan Natural Lipstick

This is a nice lipstick, goes on smoothly and is the perfect office shade. I would have preferred it to be slightly stronger as I already have several of these shades, but in found it lighter than the photo.

Review of NEEK Skin Organics Friday On My Mind Vegan Natural Lipstick

The lipstick arrived with some sort of crystalised bobbles on top. Chalk dry and hard to apply.

Review of NEEK Skin Organics Kiss Me Kiss Me Vegan Natural Lipstick

I liked the colour but the texture was whole another story. The moment I opened it I saw something that resebled crystals but I thought it was some sort of a fancy effect. On application it was very dry but I persevered and used it for sometime. I didn't want to waste my £16. Finally I threw it away when it unpleasant to apply due to the hard bits forming of the surface. (I am assuming some sort of storage issue would have caused the hardening of some of the ingredients)Now I do not dare to risk another pop, so that is just my little warning to people who will buy it from here.I

Review of NEEK Skin Organics Kiss Me Kiss Me Vegan Natural Lipstick