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Narynda Skincare Reviews

We love Narynda Skincare . Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Narynda Skincare products.

It does not dry my skin good for sensitive skins

Review of Narynda Skincare Cleanser with cloth 100ml

First off, the packaging is gorgeous, especially for this pricepoint. The ingredients list is awesome - not your average floral water! - and when applied, it does not dry my skin out (I have extremely dry skin). It has astringent properties without making my face feel too tight. This is a lovely, simple toner that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin yet still feels like it is actually doing something worthwhile to my skin, and I will definitely continue to use it.

Review of Narynda Skincare Toner 100ml

I'd been searching everywhere for a natural, simple moisturiser with oat as I love the effect that it has on my skin, and I came across Narynda's products. I've been using this cream both day and night (i have very dry skin at the moment) and it is so wonderfully moisturising, leaving my skin plump, yet does not leave a sticky/greasy residue. At night I've also been mixing this with a few drops of oil (such as avocado) if my skin is feelings particularly rough. So far I love this product, and have no complaints.

Review of Narynda Skincare Night Cream 50ml

This is a heel balm, but honestly I use it for everything (on my lips, dry patches, elbows etc.). It's wonderfully nourishing and it's no surprise it was shortlisted for the Free From awards.

Review of Narynda Skincare Heel Balm 50ml

Loved this scrub from the moment I used it. I'd been avoiding scrubs/exfoliants for so long now due to my super dry/sensitive skin, so I was a little nervous trying this out, but i was happily surprised when it got rid of the dry flakes/dead skin and clogged pores, without irritating my skin. I love how simple and gentle it is, and I can also appreciate that its unfragranced. Would totally recommend.

Review of Narynda Skincare Face & Body Scrub 100ml