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My.Haircare™ Reviews

We love My.Haircare™. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of My.Haircare™ products.

This is an amazing conditioner, one which I love using!

The texture is rich and luxurious.

I felt a difference from the very first time.

It makes my coloured hair soft and healthy looking.

The smell is divine, I wished they would make a shower gel with the same fragrance, I would definitely be happy to buy it as well!

Review of infuse My. colour™ Treat Conditioner 250ml

All blond hair, whether its natural or dyed, will experience some unwanted brassiness or tones at some stage. Looking for violet-toned products, such as a shampoo and conditioner, will help counteract and cancel out any yellow or gold tone to refresh your blond back to its former glory.

Do not be scared of the highly pigmented formulation in any colour infusing shampoos, they wont damage, or dye your hair to a non-wanted colour that will leave you hiding from the world. Fitting perfectly into your hair care routine you will only need to use them twice a week, alternating between your usual shampoo, conditioner and mask. Applying to wet hair and evenly distribute to make sure all your hair is saturated, use your hands to massage your scalp and hair for equal coverage. Rinse off and then u can repeat the process again if your hair is being stubborn, to be followed by your conditioner to smooth and seal the hair cuticle.

I was surprised on just how little you need to use on application because of the runny consistency the infuse My.colour formulation obtains. It rinses out extremely well so you are not left with any leftover pigment still noticeable in your hair and does not leave hair feeling dry before applying conditioner. The 250ml bottles are bag friendly to take with you on holiday and are especially great for people who like to swim, chlorine affects the hair cuticle, which then leads on to influence your hair colour leaving your hair looking dull. Revive your hair colour anytime, when incorporating the cruelty-free, colour-infusing shampoos, into your hair care routine.

Review of infuse My. colour™ Shampoo Platinum 250ml

The perfect conditioner to use in conjunction with the ruby shampoo for my coloured hair. And it smells of parma violets!

Review of infuse My. colour™ Treat Conditioner 250ml

This is the best conditioner I have ever used. It makes my hair feel amazing in half a minute. First time I tried it (got it in the Beauty Box), I stood in the shower and just run my fingers through my locks, feeling how silky smooth they are. Went to hairdresser last week and asked what condition my hair was in, she said it looks very healthy. So this is a perfect ten for me. I don't have many favourites, but this is now one of them.

Review of infuse My. colour™ Treat Conditioner 250ml

I didn't believe that a shampoo could colour my white streaks but the Ruby infuse does just that. My fine hair is left in lovely condition, with a bit of volume through it and the colour of my natural white streaks is turned a lovely hint of pink, which deepens the more often I wash it with Ruby infuse. Am so glad to finally be able to do something a bit different with my hair, without having to resort to expensive chemical colouring at the hairdresser's. Worth every penny, so much so that I've ordered all the others and can't wait to try them!

Review of infuse My. colour™ Shampoo Ruby 250ml

З власного досвіду.

Звісно, це не фарба, сиве волосся не зафарбовує і навіть не тонує (хоча б трішки 🙇) . Перчатки не використовую, але нігті (якщо без лаку) злегка жовтіють - не критично, впродовж дня відмиваються. Щоб Ви зрозуміли - це пігментований шампунь, піна коричневого кольору.

На своєму волоссі вражаючого мідного кольорового ефекту не бачу. Освіження кольору, можливо є. Але мені дуже подобається м'якість волосся після миття + не подразнює шкіру голови. Зараз додаю цей шампунь в порцію звичайного шампуню.

Review of infuse My. colour™ Shampoo Copper 250ml

I recently decided to go grey/silver and have had my hair bleached for the first time. The world of purple shampoo is totally new to me & this has taken some getting used to. The colour of this is amazing, and the smell is devine!

My first use of this was good, but the second time was even better. It is well worth trying it on dry hair and leaving for a good few minutes as this got rid of all the dreaded yellow tones. The fact that you can still be using natural products is just fab, I would definitely recommend this.

Review of infuse My. colour™ Shampoo Platinum 250ml

I really love this conditioner, it works so well on my fine hair. My hair responds well to silicones but I don't like to use them. This is the next best thing. I knocked a star off because the conditioner contains perfume (I suspect artificial) and phenoxyethanol (an irritant to some).

Review of infuse My. colour™ Treat Conditioner 250ml

I tried on my chocolate colored hair, but this product did no difference.

Review of infuse My. colour™ Shampoo Cobalt 250ml