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Mossa Reviews

We love Mossa. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Mossa products.

I had a tube of the previous Mossa Peeling Mask. They seem to work the same way, however this new one is an irridescent pink. The smell reminds me of the fluoride given at the dentist - the disgusting fake cherry that makes me gag. The smell disappears shortly after applying. Perhaps they are marketing this product toward teenagers? Aside from that, it works well when used regularly once-twice/wk. It doesn't irritate my rosacea, in fact i find it calming. I use it almost always in the morning when my skin is naturally calmer & this doesn't tingle or burn at all. I leave it on for about 13mins & my skin feels soft & smooth afterward. I get slightly dry skin esp in winter & find this helps keep the amount of flakey skin at bay. Except around the indent of my nostrils, where dead skin seems to buildup like nowhere else. In this tiny area alone, I've started using a cut-off slice of a pore strip & problem solved. This peel helps keep my skin clearer & decongested. A tube lasts me about 3mths, using twice a week. It's quite thin & spreads easily. You don't need to use as much as with other thick ones. Washes off easily in water with no irridescent residue.

Review of Mossa Juicy Peel 5 Minute Peeling Mask 60ml