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  • Martina Gebhardt
  • Martina Gebhardt
  • Martina Gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt

a beautiful sensuous natural skincare brand that changes our relationship with our skin – simple to use and powerfully effective

Learn more about Martina Gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt skincare is named after the creator of the range who started the line over 30 years ago. It is skincare for the body, soul and spirit. The products are beautiful to use and effective for all skin conditions. They are made of the best ingredients available in the world: biodynamically grown plants. The biodynamic organic agricultural system was developed almost 100 years ago to rejuvenate tired soil and secure the eco-system and our future. The vitality of the ingredients much enhances the effectiveness of these aromatic skincare products, which you use once per day at a time to suit you.

Each of the five core lines for different skin conditions includes a cleanser, a tonic for feeding the skin, a cream for protection and regeneration, and lotion which is a lighter version of the cream for those who prefer it, or during the summer.

Martina Gebhardt is packaged in white glass bottles with colourful labels. The labels resonate with our souls and help us choose the right product. And by removing unnecessary cardboard and cellophane packaging, and growing biodynamically, Martina Gebhardt is more than environmentally sustainable, it is environmentally positive.

Liv Trading Limited, the UK distributors of Martina Gebhardt, are specialists in natural skincare and provide ‘Skin and the Soul Within’ training to holistic face & body practitioners and the public.

Our values are positive, our purpose to meet your needs through our knowledge and activity. Our expertise is in the care of the skin and the development of the soul. As well as selling beautiful natural skincare products, we provide skincare and personal development training, and we are closely connected to the worlds of art and agriculture.

Liv is an ethical enterprise, it is part of a Commons Equity Society, which means that its destiny is to support the community of which it will always be a part.

In our view enterprise is a core human capacity, to be celebrated and cherished, however, when entrepreneurial success allows too much wealth and power to accumulate in the hands of only a few, the world becomes an unhappier place.

Being part of a Commons Equity Society means that Liv, no matter how successful it becomes, will always be a force for good, sharing and distributing its wealth, in a natural and graceful manner.

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