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Lusso Tan Reviews

We love Lusso Tan. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Lusso Tan products.

this is great added to your fav oil for summer evenings. the glitter particles are a little large for y liking though. so i probably wont good for xmas too. the little tub does go really far
great for teenagers i recon

Review of Lusso Tan Finishing Touch Shimmer 4g

When you buy a self tanner without trying it in your skin first, you run the risk to use it once and thats it.
This is that case. I bought a special glove to apply the cream and I did as I did before with other creams. This one left the body full of patches and the color does not unified. After a couple of hours I wash my face and some water when to my arms the color was running down. Such a bad experience. Money lost, dissapointed and frustrated. The first and the last.

Review of Lusso Tan Finishing Touch Instant Tan 200ml