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An unrivalled collection of ground-breaking organic beauty products 35 years in the making. Learn more about Logona

Love the high quality Logona products

From award-winning herbal hair colour to elegant cosmetics, Logona products are both innovative and consistently high in quality. The range spans more than 200 products and continues to grow as the company strives to develop new formulas and offer natural solutions to our beauty needs.

Products are created using the highest quality natural raw materials such as plant oils, fats and waxes, herb extracts, floral waters, essential oils and aromas from controlled organic cultivation and wild harvesting.

The company’s quest to continually improve and refine their products through research and development guarantees the most effective natural alternatives. From the first natural cosmetics developed for allergy sufferers in the 1980's to the first 100% natural herbal hair colour, Logona set the standards which others follow.

Love the respected Logona philosophy

‘Better is possible’ has shaped the Logona philosophy from the outset. The company believes that in order to make the world a better place, we have to start with ourselves.

Based on its own herb meadow in Germany the Logona brand name is respected around the world:

• BDIH and Natrue certified
• Free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives
• Free from Paraffin oil or any other raw materials from Petroleum chemistry
• Suitable for allergy sufferers
• Governed by Good Manufacturing Practice standards
• Made, developed and produced in Germany under strict ecological conditions
• Predominantly Vegan
• Gluten and Lactose free
• No animal testing

Love the committed Logona people

The brand was conceived during the ecological uprising of the 1970’s and was the brainchild of Hans Hansel. He set out to produce high-quality natural cosmetics and what followed is one of the biggest success stories in the natural cosmetics world.
Since the introduction of its herbal hair colours in 1985, Logona has upheld a pioneering, ecological spirit, being awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2003.

The company maintains an ambitious aim to offer natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics in every product area, while also campaigning for increased transparency for customers. Logona is one of the initiators of the NATRUE standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

We say: Trust Logona for reliable, affordable, high quality products

PLEASE NOTE that Logona hairspray can only be sent within the UK.

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