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Les Essences d'Amelie

Les Essences d’Amelie is a perfumery workshop dedicated entirely to natural perfumes. All our perfumes are manufactured in small batches from the purest ingredients chosen and carefully selected from all around the world. As the first company in Romania whose works distinguish between aromatherapy and perfumery lush, Les Essences d'Amelie marks the revival of forgotten art of natural perfumery. Learn more about Les Essences d'Amelie

In a society that exist under the sign of hazardous chemicals, the mass manufactured products that have nothing to say, our mission is to revive the concept of natural perfume created from the purest and exclusive ingredients purchased from the world's most famous distillers, 100% natural, environmentally friendly, handmade, without high allergen potential side effects - designed to stimulate the senses and create memories.

Diana Roman, the founder and the „nose” of Les Essences d’Amelie has always been drawn by scent.

All her memories are connected to odors. Whether we speak about her childhood spent in her grandmother’s kitchen perfumed with orange and cinnamon flavours or about her enchanting adolescence surrounded by fresias and rose scents spent with the one who will soon become her husband, flowers and odors are the one that lead her on the no returning road of olfactory.

Born with an alchemist soul under the sign of Scorpio, her passion for scent has turned into an obsession and in an instant she knew: her memories, her mind games and all her deepest desires must be transposed in natural perfume vapors.
„My deepest desire is that natural essences return you souls and mind to the perfection and the wild beauty of the Nature !”

Les Essences d'Amelie
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