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Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Reviews

We love Laboratoire du Haut-Segala. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Laboratoire du Haut-Segala products.

whoa, that came at me fast. One pump and I ended up with too much dark coloured thick-ish oil that kept sliding all over my face while I slept. I could actually feel it sliding to the point of being so disturbed that I was semi-awake most of the night, a very bizarre experience. I'm giving this 4 stars because it's organic rose oil and I'm an idiot for putting too much on. I'm convinced there's a use for it I haven't quite discovered yet. Once I get there I'll update my review. With this kind of product you shouldn't rely on some amateur's experience of making the worst of her oil applying skills, though. Google "uses of rose oil" and take it away. It's not like someone made up a formula, this product has been in use for literally hundreds of years. Figure it out.

Review of Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Organic Virgin Musk Rose Oil 50ml

Good! A real cornflower water. If a bottle of 200ml is available, that's great!

Review of Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Organic Cornflower Water 100ml

This floral water is hydrating, but the smell is weird.

Review of Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Organic Chamomile Water 250ml

the rose scent is covered by the smell of geraniol, which makes the product not as pleasantly smelly as the other 100% rose water.

Review of Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Organic Rose Floral Water 100ml

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