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Laboratoire du Haut-Segala

Nature is our Vital Partner.
It is our passion for plants and their secrets and a desire to pass on our knowledge of their benefits that have led us to distil our expertise into a range of natural organic, ecologically friendly beauty products, all Ecocert certified.
The special properties of plants are still used far too little in beauty products, so we have revived and re-worked some age-old recipes, whilst making plenty of room for the new.
Our aim is to help each person find products that care for both the body and the environment, to offer them every day well-being.

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Plant oils are obtained from the first cold pressing of carefully selected seeds, flowers or fruits. This process ensures that our body care oils contain the essential elements of the plants and hence the active properties that are naturally present in them.
Experience the difference !
Plant oils :
-100% pure and natural
-rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins
-no preservatives
-no added fragrance
-not tested on animals
-one oil for several uses (face, body, hair)
Quick and simple to use !

Floral Waters
The volatile ingredients extracted from plants make up the active ingredients contained in these blue-tinted bottles. Each floral water is first and foremost a delicate skincare product ideally suited to both face and body as either a lotion or a tonic. The active botanical ingredients give the hydrolats their astringent, toning, refreshing or calming qualities.
Floral waters are particularly suited for daily use, and can work gently and effectively,-either sprayed directly on to the skin or applied to the face with a cotton pad.

Laboratoire du Haut-Segala
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