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Kimberly Sayer
Kimberly Sayer's
award-winning products
are gentle
and chemical-free.

Kimberly Sayer

Kimberly Sayer is fast becoming one of the most sought-after natural and organic brands in the UK. Her award-winning range of holistic face and body treatments contain only the finest, steam-distilled, certified organic ingredients and powerful anti-ageing botanicals, representing a true fusion of beauty and science. Learn more about Kimberly Sayer

Love the super-effective Kimberly Sayer products

Based on the theories of ancient alchemists, Kimberly Sayer's award-winning products are gentle and chemical-free.

Pure and effective, each product incorporates only the finest, organically grown ingredients such as Oat Beta Glucan and Sea Algae and cold-pressed pure essential oils. Her products also contain organic anti-oxidants such as Beech Bud extract and powerful anti-ageing botanicals such as her patented Plant Pseudocollagen which strengthens the structure of the cell wall. As well as being super-effective, light and lovely to use, all of the formulations are manufactured in compliance with strict organic standards.

Love the earth-friendly Kimberly Sayer philosophy

Kimberly Sayer adopts an ethos and practice which are both green and socially responsible. Kimberly believes that social partnering is as important as using sustainable ingredients and recycled packaging. All products are:

  • Free from Nano-technology, Parabens and Petrochemicals,
  • Not tested on animals
  • Certified organic
  • Certified by Ecocert

Love the passionate Kimberly Sayer people

Kimberly Sayer's passion for all-things natural began during childhood. As the daughter of organic farmers, Kimberly and her family used the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs from their gardens to create skin and body care products for their own use.

She went on to train with renowned UK aromatherapist Michael Winter and attended The Neal’s Yard Beauty Therapy College in London. Integrating her studies of aromatherapy with physics, chemistry and biology, Kimberly mastered the science of skincare using only organic ingredients. After receiving her Beauty Therapy degree, Kimberly went on to create her own range of holistic face and body treatments and practised organic aesthetics in New York and London for more than ten years. Combining her unique knowledge of science with her passion for organics, Kimberly then created her namesake skincare line.

Kimberly’s products have since achieved cult status and gained an impressive following of celebrities and earned notable endorsements from leading green authorities and world-class modelling agencies.

We say: Inspired and gorgeous, Kimberly Sayer answers many of our skincare prayers

Kimberly Sayer
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