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Kathleen Natural Reviews

We love Kathleen Natural. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Kathleen Natural products.

I love the Citrus Cheer scent so I was happy to see this lovely xmas set this year - picked one up for my mum x

Review of Kathleen Christmas Special: Mini Citrus Cheer Duo

The Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device is lightweight to hold, does not turn off until when you decide so u dont have to rush through your treatment, and is easy to wipe clean to keep it hygenic. The painless and somewhat relaxing device is a nice addition to anyone's routine and is very easy to use. Full review at:

Review of Kathleen Natural Facial Ionic Treatment Device

Incorporating a toner into your skincare routine is ideal if you need help to remove impurities, control excess oil, and depending what your toner contains it can be beneficial for acne-prone skin types. Closing your eyes and spritzing over a cleansed face and neck, or you can spray onto a cotton wool pad and sweep over the skin, the formula veils the skin delicately, before absorbing quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. It is the perfect toner that doesn't strip the skin, but supports and hydrates after each application for a balanced complexion. Full review at:

Review of Kathleen Natural Rebalancing & Soothing Tonifying Mist 150ml

I love everything else about this product, but the design of the bottle makes it feel cheap. It smells nice and feels nice on the skin, which is the main thing of course... But for this price, I would hope for a bit nicer label.

Review of Kathleen Natural Rebalancing & Soothing Tonifying Mist 150ml