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Karethic Reviews

We love Karethic. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Karethic products.

У меня толстые, немного вьющиеся, очень непослушные волосы. Эта маска напитывает и утяжеляет волосы, их легче уложить. Мне очень нравится. Эта маска очень насыщенная, не рекомендую для тонких или прямых волос, вы получите сосульки.

Review of Karethic Belle Criniere Smooth Hair Mask & Styling Balm 2 in 1 100ml

Cell turnover starts to slowdown after the age of 30, leaving you wondering why your complexion looks dull and tired. Seeking products that contain specific ingredients that can boost cell turnover, whilst also improving skin tone and protecting your complexion, is the best solution for a healthier radiant glow.

Beautifully packaged in a brown glass bottle with an eye dropper dispenser, you will notice the radiance serum is of and looks like a milky substance. Applying to a cleansed skin morning and evening, the serum is of thick consistency and a little is all you need on application.

You can apply the Karethic Nectar De Jeunesse 2 in 1 Radiance Serum after your water based hyaluronic acid serums, remembering that if you do follow a layering skincare routine any clear serums are applied first, leading to the cloudiest and coloured last. The plus points of this serum is that it leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth all day and there is no silicone in the formula, so it wont flake or pill off and doesn't leave a suffocating layer on the skin. The serum is ideal for anyone who has been working or staying up late, that has seen too much sun, and in need of essential skin care with added antioxidant protection. Full review at

Review of Karethic Nectar De Jeunesse – 2 in 1 Radiance Serum 30ml

I took a chance on this cream based on the wonderful and natural ingredients it contains. It's great. My skin feels and looks younger, smooth & silky after using this.
I have very sensitive and just ordered my second pot. It lasts a very long time as you only need a small amount.
The texture is unusual, feels slightly split but probably because it's very natural probably with no binders, it feels great on the skin. I will try one of their other products next.

Review of Karethic Nectar De Jeunesse Antioxidant Cream 50ml

I used it with a clarisonic brush and it didn't lather. I then used just my hands with a new squeeze of gel and it didn't lather as well. When I dried my face I could still feel some sebum that weren't washed off although I washed twice in a row. I wouldn't recommend this to oil skin or using a clarisonic brush

Review of Karethic Rosee De Karite Cleansing Gel 150ml

unfortunately I am unable to test the product as it came partially spilled,with seal not being fixed properly and the jar being covered with the cream outside.Very unpleasant surprise. One star for the fact that I did not buy it for the full price.

Review of Karethic Nectar De Jeunesse Antioxidant Cream 50ml