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“It is the story of a sacred tree, whose fruit contains a miraculous oil. For centuries, this tree called Shea, Karité or Shitulu, has been offering beauty and well-being to millions of men and women in Africa.”
A beautiful story but what do we truly know about this sacred African tree exploited for centuries at the expense of African women?
Founded in 2005, Karethic’s mission has been to promote the true Shea butter story, not the miracle stories often quoted in todays media. Their story is about the African womens sacred balm and handmade, unrefined, shea butter. Shea is a fascinating butter that symbolises African spirituality. A gift of nature, unknown by consumers, because it is too often altered by refinement. A cultural heritage transferred from generation to generation, by thousands of female producers in Africa.
Karethic uses Benin’s handmade shea, bringing together 12 co-ops of female producers of shea, partners of the company Karethic Benin and its “little sister” Terrethic France.

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The men and women in the coops that product the shea, have contributed greatly to the creation of Karethic. They share a common passion for their own culture. This passion led them to support the development of the Shea’s value chain in Benin. We like to think that Karethic carries the best of them. Many of the producers have been with us Karethic since inception. Maguette the Senegalese was there since the very beginning, Soumia the Algerian, provided her creativity to pay tribute to the female producers. Paco the Spanish, his patience and pragmatism, Catherine with her Vietnamese background, brought her dynamism and fun-filled personality, Davide the Italian added his indisputable taste for beautiful things, Didier, the French Ardéchois his experience, and finally, Glwadys and M. Jean-Pierre Ayité, Karethic’s team in Benin, brought their courage and perseverance, both qualities that turned out to be crucial in face of adversity.
Karethic holds on to these values of quality and authenticity, thanks to the little groups of women producers in Benin, who soon will wake up to harvest the almonds of Shea giving each other courage that the rain will be right on schedule this time of the year, gathering up to add value to their labor, producing a soft, straw-yellow color, hazel fragranced shea butter, naturally purified but not refined : this genuine shea butter that will finally be appreciated for its true value.

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