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JOIK Reviews

We love JOIK . Find out what our customers have to say about the range of JOIK products.

I'm not fond of the minty scent - I'd prefer something sweet, but hey, it's used in summer, so a little bit of fresh smell is fine, gives a nice radiance to the skin, not a real color, more like any oil effect with a slightly visible tan - don't ever wear light clothes with it!

Review of JOIK Bronzing body oil with carrot seed oil 100ml

Lovely product. I'm very pale, so don't want to look like I've been Tango-ed! This gives a nice gentle glow as well as making my skin feel smooth

Review of JOIK Bronzing body oil with carrot seed oil 100ml

One of the best creams for oily skin. Does not irritate the skin, does not clog the pores. The skin is clear and smooth, at first sight nicer. I can definitely recommend it because the skin does not shine after it. I really like him.

Review of JOIK Rejuvenating day cream 50ml

This is a beautiful, luxurious and frankly groundbreaking product. The smell is gorgeous and subtle, as is the effect on your skin. It is just enough to take the edge off sallow or pale skin. You'd probably need to use fake tan to achieve a 'bronzed' look though, as this product doesn't impart much colour. It just counteracts the greyish hue of my legs after winter. The texture is non-greasy and I also use it on my face under spf 30 powder. Love it!

Review of JOIK Bronzing body oil with carrot seed oil 100ml

this must be one of my favourite candles ever! the smell is so rich and comforting, it reminds me of Danish pastry

Review of JOIK Caramel & Cinnamon Coffee soy wax scented candle 145g

The JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml is packaged beautifully in a classic dark bottle with a push down activator button to draw the elixir up in the eye dropper tool. You will notice the elixir is milky in colour, applying clear serums first and then applying milkier coloured formula's is a great tip to follow. Applying onto the skin, the elixir glides over skin easily, a light fruity scent can be detected, before absorbing into skin instantly leaving a natural healthy glow. I was impressed on how quickly my skin felt instantly soft and smooth, without feeling any residue or stickiness, the elixir is undetectable when its absorbed, its gone. You can just about visually detect it, there is little (minute) white glitter particles that are from the ingredient Mica that help illuminate your skin, but you wont look like you have been attacked by a bucket full of glitter, to give your a complexion a natural radiant healthier glow. The elixir arrives and delivers its benefits that maybe your skincare regime maybe lacking, and its all in one product. My full review can be found at

Review of JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml

Loved this product! My skin was so smooth and soft, especially pairing it with aloe vera lotion. I use it once a week and I've noticed not only softer smoother skin, but the skin on my legs doesn't crack and bleed after shaving now!

Review of JOIK Lemon & Vanilla body scrub 225g

I love this scrub. My skin felt lovely and soft after using it. It was not too scratchy but still felt like I get a good buffing. The smell is lovely too.

Review of JOIK Lemon & Vanilla body scrub 225g

Incredibly moisturising bath truffles with the indulgent aroma of white chocolate. Perfect to keep your skin soft & supple over winter. A treat I don't want to be without!

Review of JOIK White chocolate bath truffles 258g

excellent products.I will buy face cream,so amazing,all products was so beautiful

Review of JOIK White chocolate bath truffles 258g

The skin is fine and fresh. does not irritate the skin, nor does it clog the pores. I like to use it because the pores are smaller.

Review of JOIK Exfoliating facial scrub 75ml

I really love this candle from JOIK. the fragrance is sweet and sexy without being overly sweet. The candle itself is long lasting and clean burning. Can't wait to try more JOIK candles!

Review of JOIK Sweet Temptation soy wax scented candle 145g

I've only tried a sample of this body butter in the June 2018 Beauty Box, but I'd like to buy full size! For such a rich and velvety butter, it sinks in very quickly. It smells great, too! It's not overly minty.

Review of JOIK Sweet Orange & Mint Body Butter 150ml

I love it. I use it two times a week and bye bye black spot on my nose. And my skin after I use this scrub is perfect, bright, peach-like.

Review of JOIK Exfoliating facial scrub 75ml

I recommend this product for all girls/ladies in summer time,because that cream gives you tan looking skin with small shining,so beautyfull skin looks like.Smell is really nice! Just apply on your legs,arms,sholders wear summer dress and go outside,you will look brilliant with tan and shining skin

Review of JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion with sweet almond oil 150ml

I offered this soap to my friend baby and they loveeee it.

Review of JOIK Extra gentle soap for babies and grownups with sensitive skin 100g

Lushous and a wonderful scent. I really loved this product, even if the tub was smaller then expected (my own mistake), will buy again.

Review of JOIK Luxurious rose bath milk 380g

I really like this soy wax candle though I do wish the fragrance was slightly stronger. I love the glass jar and that it has such a long burn time. It's long lasting and good value.

Review of JOIK Cinnamon Bun soy wax scented candle 145g

This keeps my lips soft and comfortable while adding a silky shine. It's unfragranced and unsweetened, too.

Review of JOIK Silky Lipbalm - Pastel Pink 7g

Bought this after receiving a sample. It's very light a sinks in nicely. During the winter I've been using a moisturiser on top but I find it acts as a good serum under makeup and also gives a subtle glow. Could I love without it, probably, but I do enjoy using it and the packaging is lovely.

Review of JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml

My skin is very dry and sensitive. This serum is perfect, I like the composition of ingredients. It made my skin very smooth, fresh.

Review of JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml

I have bought several bottles of this - love the creamy texture and smell plus it does add a bit of golden colour on my skin. It's relatively lightweight but moisturises well. Perhaps not suitable for extremely dry skin but I like using it to moisturise in hot weather to avoid my skin feeling too sticky which is the case with most heavy creams.
Highly recommended!

Review of JOIK Grapefruit and mandarin body lotion with carrot oil 150ml

Delicious smell and skin was nicely moisturised, but it did leave quite a residue on the bath that I needed to clean off.

Review of JOIK White chocolate bath truffles 258g

Very nice lip balm, moisturising and replenishing. The only downside is that it has an orangey tint which I don't think is very flattening, especially if one has slightly yellow teeth. And the tint is still visible even after applying certain shades of lipstick.

Review of JOIK Super-moisturizing lip balm with orange essential oil 7g

The aroma these give off are really great, and a little goes a long way. I only needed half a tablet per bath.
The only down side was that I found these too oily for my skin type. If you have dry skin, these will be perfect for you.

Review of JOIK Herbal bath truffles 258g

first time I used it.
not suitable for my dry and sensitive skin and made it irritable.

It left stains on my light coloured clothes.

Review of JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion with sweet almond oil 150ml

This lotion has a very lightweight texture which does slightly colour the skin but I feel it doesn't moisturise at all well, after a few hours my skin looks and feels dry.

Review of JOIK Grapefruit and mandarin body lotion with carrot oil 150ml

it has parfum added to it, while not many body lotions in the market are of raspberry scent and this one is, i found the scent quite artificial. Moreover the shimmer bits transfer everywhere when your hand touches it. I wanted to love it badly.

Review of JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion with sweet almond oil 150ml

Very disappointed with this one, as I have had other JOIK candles that were lovely. No smell whilst lit. Very faint scent whilst unlit if you put your nose right up to the wax, but that's it.

Review of JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g