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JOIK Reviews

We love JOIK . Find out what our customers have to say about the range of JOIK products.

Loved this product! My skin was so smooth and soft, especially pairing it with aloe vera lotion. I use it once a week and I've noticed not only softer smoother skin, but the skin on my legs doesn't crack and bleed after shaving now!

Review of JOIK Lemon & Vanilla body scrub 205g

I love it. I use it two times a week and bye bye black spot on my nose. And my skin after I use this scrub is perfect, bright, peach-like.

Review of JOIK Exfoliating facial scrub to give your skin a healthy glow 75 ml

this must be one of my favourite candles ever! the smell is so rich and comforting, it reminds me of Danish pastry

Review of JOIK Cinnamon Coffee soy wax scented candle 145g

Gift bought for Mother's Day & my mum adores it.

Review of JOIK Hot Chocolate soy wax scented candle 145g

Refreshing and very good when my skin is a bit tired.

Review of JOIK Alcohol free facial toner with aloe and sea buckthorn oil 100 ml

Lushous and a wonderful scent. I really loved this product, even if the tub was smaller then expected (my own mistake), will buy again.

Review of JOIK Luxurious rose bath milk 380g

Incredibly moisturising bath truffles with the indulgent aroma of white chocolate. Perfect to keep your skin soft & supple over winter. A treat I don't want to be without!

Review of JOIK White chocolate bath truffles 310g

excellent products.I will buy face cream,so amazing,all products was so beautiful

Review of JOIK White chocolate bath truffles 310g

Lovely product. I'm very pale, so don't want to look like I've been Tango-ed! This gives a nice gentle glow as well as making my skin feel smooth

Review of JOIK Bronzing body oil with carrot seed oil 100ml

After work I arrive home and place my feet in hot water and this bath salt. And it feels so good. My tired legs disappear and my feet feel so soft.
And smell is heartwarming.

Review of JOIK Warming foot bath salt with ginger & mustard 250g

This is a beautiful, luxurious and frankly groundbreaking product. The smell is gorgeous and subtle, as is the effect on your skin. It is just enough to take the edge off sallow or pale skin. You'd probably need to use fake tan to achieve a 'bronzed' look though, as this product doesn't impart much colour. It just counteracts the greyish hue of my legs after winter. The texture is non-greasy and I also use it on my face under spf 30 powder. Love it!

Review of JOIK Bronzing body oil with carrot seed oil 100ml

I recommend this product for all girls/ladies in summer time,because that cream gives you tan looking skin with small shining,so beautyfull skin looks like.Smell is really nice! Just apply on your legs,arms,sholders wear summer dress and go outside,you will look brilliant with tan and shining skin

Review of JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion with sweet almond oil 150ml

Gorgeous smell. Skin really feels clean after using this with the sponge. Love it.

Review of JOIK Deep cleansing facial oil 100ml

I'm enjoying this Joik BB the light one. It looks lovely..and I like the ingredients. Happy I ordered it :).

Review of JOIK Moisturizing and illuminating BB cream (light skin tone) 50ml

Myself and my daughter use Joik. I like it's lightness and it feels like it nourishes my skin.

Review of JOIK Deep cleansing facial oil 100ml

I offered this soap to my friend baby and they loveeee it.

Review of JOIK Extra gentle soap for babies and grownups with sensitive skin 100g

I ude this mask three times a month and I like a lot the sensation of new skin that it gives to me.

Review of JOIK Radiance improving cranberry and black currant facial mask 50g

Delicious smell and skin was nicely moisturised, but it did leave quite a residue on the bath that I needed to clean off.

Review of JOIK White chocolate bath truffles 310g

Smooth light cream. Easy to apply and you don't need much. Love that it's 100% natural.

Review of JOIK Light eye cream with mango butter and argan oil 15ml

Bought this after receiving a sample. It's very light a sinks in nicely. During the winter I've been using a moisturiser on top but I find it acts as a good serum under makeup and also gives a subtle glow. Could I love without it, probably, but I do enjoy using it and the packaging is lovely.

Review of JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml

I liked it , but because I previously used the Skin Guru cleansing Facial oil I preferred because this one you can't use it in the eyes .

Review of JOIK Deep cleansing facial oil 100ml

Very nice lip balm, moisturising and replenishing. The only downside is that it has an orangey tint which I don't think is very flattening, especially if one has slightly yellow teeth. And the tint is still visible even after applying certain shades of lipstick.

Review of JOIK Super-moisturizing lipbalm with orange essential oil 7g

This lotion has a very lightweight texture which does slightly colour the skin but I feel it doesn't moisturise at all well, after a few hours my skin looks and feels dry.

Review of JOIK Grapefruit and mandarin body lotion with carrot oil 150ml

first time I used it.
not suitable for my dry and sensitive skin and made it irritable.

It left stains on my light coloured clothes.

Review of JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion with sweet almond oil 150ml

it has parfum added to it, while not many body lotions in the market are of raspberry scent and this one is, i found the scent quite artificial. Moreover the shimmer bits transfer everywhere when your hand touches it. I wanted to love it badly.

Review of JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion with sweet almond oil 150ml

Very disappointed with this one, as I have had other JOIK candles that were lovely. No smell whilst lit. Very faint scent whilst unlit if you put your nose right up to the wax, but that's it.

Review of JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g