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Jason Reviews

We love Jason. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Jason products.

Can't rate Jason sunscreens highly enough. Smells great, not thick, no white residue, works really well. This is the one that I share around because everyone loves it so much! Coming from a very pale skinned, blondie who has tried LOADS of natural sunscreens, this is the BEST! Just buy it.

Review of Jason Kids Sunscreen SPF45 113g

Presented in a bottle with a flip top lid, the nourishing oil you receive is 59ml/2 fl oz which does not sound alot until the application experience. The oil is of a thick consistency (you will only need a little) and glides over the skin easily, before absorbing into the skin when massaging it in. Applying to dry spots on the body, or rescuing dry hands and feet for a luxurious overnight treatment, the oil also helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles. I like to apply a facial oil in the last step of my facial routine because an oil can penetrate a serum and moisturiser (water based products cannot penetrate an oil they will sit on top) and using a facial oil can replenish the skin from the stresses it encounters throughout the day. It does not feel overly greasy or heavy on the skin and the complexion looks rested and restored the next morning, an essential maximum strength skin oil to include in your night skin care routine! Full review at:

Review of Jason Vitamin E Oil Maximum Strength 45000IU 59ml

I love this. I like quite a large textured scrub and this one is perfect. Skin feels buffed but not scratched. It smells fab and leaves skin feeling clean but not at all dry. Love it!

Review of Jason Brightening Apricot Scrubble 113g

Not too tough, not too gentle, just right when you want a proper exfoliator. Also great on body skin, it's not too expensive so I felt justified using it all over!

Review of Jason Brightening Apricot Scrubble 113g

Shaking the bottle and pressing the spray head to deliver the toner on a 100% cotton ball, you gently sweep over the face and neck ensuring even coverage. A slight fragrance can be detected, whilst the skin is left instantly refreshed without feeling tight and stripped of its essential moisture. I really like how this instantly awakens the complexion and does not leave skin feeling sticky or tacky, skin is perfectly balanced and ready to accept and absorb your skin care products. Looking for a toner to awaken skin in the morning and thoroughly clean the days stresses away in the evening? Consider the Jason C-Effects Super C Toner that respects and protects for a brighter complexion.

Review of Jason C-Effects Super C Toner 177ml

I use the product most days when I'm in the shower, and find it leaves my skin soft and smooth without drying it out.

Review of Jason Brightening Apricot Scrubble 113g

Skin feels good after using this product. Would recommend this to friends, family.

Review of Jason C-Effects Super C Toner 177ml

It is a good product, my skin feels smoother, but it leaves a residue on the water.

Review of Jason Brightening Apricot Scrubble 113g

It contains alcohol, it made my face burning red. Alcohol isn't good in cosmetic products.

Review of Jason Soothing 84% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream 113g

This is fine, not too thick or leaving white marks but it did make my eyes sting so I can't use it on my face. I still use it on my neck and have no problems.

Review of Jason Facial Sunscreen SPF20 128g

I have been using this product for just 5 days and i get a lot of redness and dry skin on my cheeks.

Also since the oil is too think not sure if massaging it into he skin is leading me to this redness.

Please I would want to return this product as it is not helping me rather messed my skin.

Review of Jason Vitamin E Oil Maximum Strength 45000IU 59ml

I cannot recommend it on hot days when you expect to be protected - it didn't work well. I felt uncomfortable too quickly.

Review of Jason Aloe Vera Deodorant Roll On 89ml