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Inner-Soul Organics Reviews

We love Inner-Soul Organics. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Inner-Soul Organics products.

Very moisturizing and dries quickly. Has a nice fruity, floral scent to it.

Review of Inner-Soul Limited Edition Nordic Berry Bliss Hand and Body Salve, 250ml

Haven't used this yet - in any case it's a long term results product so too early to say.

Review of Inner-Soul Organics Circulation Boost Skin Oil, 100ml

Lovely product , but at £14 for 100g , it is pricy. I does smell wonderful & you only need a small amount ( there is a lovely , dinky little scoop which helps measuring ) and it really softens skin & softens bath water .

Review of Inner-Soul Organics Scandinavian Decadence Bath and Body Scrub, 100G

Recommended use was to apply day & night but it's too oily (even using the absolute minimum) to use in the day. Nice product but didn't suit my needs.

Review of Inner-Soul Organics Barefaced Beauty Natural Serum, 30ml

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