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Indigenous Beauty

Handmade, natural and organic beauty. Indigenous Beauty was created from a mission to find purer, natural alternatives to mainstream beauty products by using certified organic, skin loving ingredients. Our philosophy is simple- the less ingredients you can use on your skin, the better. Their vegan, cruelty-free and unisex Natural Deodorant Creams contain only 7 ingredients and have been featured in Marie Claire.. Learn more about Indigenous Beauty

The brainchild of former beauty professional Catherine Acevedo, Indigenous Beauty offers a natural yet effective and ecofriendly alternative to existing beauty products that contain harsh and chemical-ridden formulas. After becoming increasingly aware of the synthetic chemicals that are commonly found in leading brands and the harmful effects these can have on our health, Indigenous Beauty began its mission to launch handmade, toxic-free beauty products.

Travelling the South American continent and learning more about its history was an unforgettable journey. The vibrancy of the culture and the beauty of its diverse ecosystem; from the exotic Amazonian jungle, to the breath-taking Iguassu Falls and every mountain, river and lake in between, is the inspiration behind the brand name.

Indigenous Beauty's first range consists of Natural Deodorant Creams which have been formulated with just 7 ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties including Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Organic essential oils. They work effectively on both men and women offering a long-lasting deodorant that is kind to skin.

• Only 7 ingredients
• Formulated with certified organic ingredients
• Free from toxins including aluminum, parabens, artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances and alcohol
• Vegan and cruelty free (only ever tested on humans!)
• Unisex
• Packed in 100% recyclable glass jars

The Natural Deodorant Creams featured in Marie Claire UK’s list of the BEST natural and organic beauty brands to buy.

Indigenous Beauty is based in the quaint market town of Godalming, Surrey where all the products are handcrafted.

Their philosophy is simple: the less ingredients you can use on your skin, the better!

Indigenous Beauty
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