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Indemne Reviews

We love Indemne. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Indemne products.

A must buy makeup remover. It removes makeup efficiently, yes, even waterproof mascara/products. This cleaning lotion can be used around sensitive eye areas without any irritation. I personally think it smells pretty natural. I will definitely buy the next bottle after the current one run out. Right, I forgot to mention that it's not expensive.

Review of Indemne Miss Ella lotion, Cleansing water, make-up remover - 260ml

Use with your favourite cleanser or on its own, using circular motions over the whole face (even the eye area) will ensure a deep and thorough cleanse with a natural exfoliation method. You can even use the konjac sponge to perform a double cleanse by using your cleanser first and then rinsing and using it on its own without any products. A double cleanse is great in the evening to rid the skin of any pollutants and of course your daily skin care products. Once you have finished with the konjac sponge, you rinse thoroughly and then leave to hang up to air-dry sufficiently. A great konjac sponge that cleanses and exfoliates the skin, while calming and soothing!

Review of Indemne I Love K®, Konjac sponge for face with violet

It's very easy to use, you can adjuste the intensity of the vacuum. It only works well when you use it with oil. Just oil. Cream/ lotions doesn't work. I can see improvements in the skin. Very happy

Review of Indemne Bubble-in, efficient anti-cellulite cup