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Holifrog Reviews

We love Holifrog. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Holifrog products.

This is a light milky wash with AHAs to smooth and decongest the skin, I'm in the early days of testing this, but my skin is looking clearer and smoother after a week of use.

Review of HoliFrog Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash 148ml

Applying to damp skin, i was impressed on how silky the milky wash feels on the face and neck when using circular massaging movements to maximise the skin benefits it contains. Leaving on the skin for upto a minute to really allow the formulation to sink in, the non foaming action is another plus point because some foaming cleansers can tend to overstrip which is not good for a compromised skin barrier function. Rinsing with luke warm water the skin is thoroughly cleansed whilst still feeling hydrated and comforted with no dry or taut feeling afterwards. The HoliFrog Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash is perfect to use if you have compromised the skin by using any harsh products that can unbalance it such as physical exfoliants, acids, or retinols whilst also if your skin has been influenced by seasonal changes. Full review at:

Review of HoliFrog Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash 148ml

Been using this for about a week and it is amazing to remove makeup and cleanse without any dryness. Love a good balm cleanser!

Review of HoliFrog Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash 74ml