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Frog = FROG.
HoliFrog is more than a name or a story—it’s also science.

Frogs have thin skin. It’s so soft and permeable that it absorbs everything in their surroundings. As a result, they can’t survive in toxic environments. Scientists even study them to monitor pollution levels.

Our skin is thicker than frogs but we live in toxic environments too, filled with free radicals, questionable air quality, and Twitter trolls.

Even the thickest skin needs to take care of itself!

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When we wash our faces, our pores are at their most open and permeable, like a frog’s. This stage of your skincare routine is essential to your skin’s health and the rest of your beauty regime. We use bioactive ingredients that give positive results—nothing toxic, nothing irritating.

It’s what thick and thin skin needs, when it needs it.

When you’re holistically healthy–drinking water, eating greens, wearing sunscreen, and moderating time spent on Instagram–your skin starts to behave better.

Just as frogs are part of a larger ecosystem, your skin is part of a bigger picture, one that’s connected to your mind and body’s health and function.

A mind-skin connection is how each is linked to and affected by the other. We’re putting skin on the path to health with mindful and intentional ingredients that instruct your skin cells to do what healthy skin cells should be doing. Holistic practices meets effective face washes—we’re keeping it clean in body, mind, and bathroom.

Our face washes keep your pores clear and clean, so your serums and creams can penetrate your skin properly. Don’t wash money, or product, down the drain. Face wash isn’t a filler in your routine; it’s the most important step. We treat each wash with the same respect and innovation as a serum, cream, or oil. Every drop matters and is full of active ingredients.

Washing your skin is important, but so is replenishing it. Our nutrient-rich washes clean and replenish your skin at the same time. Put your face mask in your drawer; you won’t be needing it.

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